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Shavetools.com August 2014 Updates


At Shavetools.com we're always working to make your shopping and shaving experience better. To that end, we've revamped and expanded our blade samplers. Now instead of our previous one size fits all solution, we let you pick the sort of blade sampler that best fits you. Choose from our Standard Blade Pack, our Extra Sharp Blade Pack, our Exra Mild Blade Pack, or our Premium Blade Pack. The choice is yours!

We also are aware that not every one prefers to use PayPal, so, in the same vein of giving you more choices in blade samplers, we've teamed up with Braintree Payments to let you pay safely and directly by credit card without having to do the "PayPal dance" any more.

Premium Blade Sampler

Standard Blade Sampler

Extra Mild Blade Sampler

Extra Sharp Blade Sampler
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Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we now offer Ikon razors in head only format, so if you already have a handle that you like (such as their great bulldog handle), you can save a chunk of change and just buy the head. It is available in: DLC Open Comb, DLC Standard Head, DLC Slant, DLC OSS, and the ever popular Shavecraft.

In addition to razor heads from Ikon, we have also added Razorock Extract of Limes Shaving Oil , and restocked a number of popular products, such as razorock xx soap, several models of Fatip razors.

Slant head

OSS Head
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