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Shaver's Remorse...

Ordering wet shaving supplies is like manic depression. Nothing like the expectation as those days tick off and the package nears. Then...the DAY. The day you go to your mailbox or look out onto the porch and THERE it is :001_wub: At first glance - how did they get ALL that cream, the soap, the A/S, the blades, etc. all into that little box? Never mind, if they were out of stock on something and the order is incomplete, you'll have something else to wait for over the next week or so. You pick it up and...damn, it DOES feel heavy. Maybe it IS all in there? Then you slit it open carefully so as to not to damage any of the sacred contents. It's ALL there, and you can't wait to open each jar and bottle just to smell them - especially if some are ones you haven't tried yet. (at this point you may emit a cackle similar to a Batman villain)

Before depression sets in, though, there is one more exhilarating step left - the placing of the items in the bathroom. Which ones to hide away for now in a drawer and which ones get the call to go up front and take their place on the counter? In what order to place them and which goes on top or in front of which others? Then the impending cloud of doom begins to settle in as soon as you finalize the correct set-up....:001_07:

It's Shaver's Remorse. How many more weeks or months must you wait till you can justify another purchase? You try to fend off the empty feeling by grabbing a calendar and calculating just how long that will be? After all, if a discount pops up on your shaving website of choice you'll have to buy something else BEFORE you actually need it, right? Or there's always the possibility that a certain product will go out of stock temporarily or even (gasp) FOREVER :117: What would you do if you didn't have EXTRA?

and so it goes...
People say you save a lot more money wetshaving, but I'm in the same place as you. Using my electronic razor in the past was a simpler time. But it's fine, I'm slowly understanding what works for me and I'm not buying a lot of stuff anymore.


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I've never been much of a shopaholic with shaving. Other stuff, yes, but not shaving. I did have a glut of stuff arrive a few years ago, well before I thought about signing up here, but since then I've been fairly well behaved.

The real blessing for those of us who don't want to make shopping a hobby, and the real bane for those that need to continually acquire stuff to enjoy shaving, is that everything lasts so long. I get 6 to 18 months from a soap, 10+ days from most DE blades, and even zamac razors last a good few years before spares or replacement is needed.

Post shave treatments and EdTs come packaged in mini Tardises, I reckon. No matter how often you use it, the level of contents doesn't seem to diminish. I've had three bottles of EdT for a year now, and I swear they barely look like they've been used at all.

The nearest I get to remorse, is with testing stuff. I'm currently running through a test queue of DE blades, and some sample soaps. The blade testing will last me another 5 or 6 months (10 blades at 10+ shaves each, interspersed with the occasional straight or SE shave), and the soap samples will probably do me over 100 shaves too. I'll be glad to get through those I think, and get settled back down again.
Vintage razors are my weakness. Acquiring them and getting them back in working condition is my addiction. Just the thought that someone maybe 100 years ago could have shaved with this is enough to put me over the edge.
I started doing a few shave raffles and I have just been throwing money ito the window. I have banned myself from it for a few months.
My only remorse is that my bank account doesn't match my desire for gear (soft and hard). I just purchased and received 2 more soap and have 18 more that I want to acquire this year. I'm sure there are more and I'll add them as I go along.
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