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Shaverjoe custom brush review

I have had this brush now for about a month so I figured it was time to give it a proper review.

I stumbled upon shaverjoe's thread while randomly looking through the hobbyist and vendor section. I wasn't really looking specifically to purchase a new brush. The pics he posted of newly poured blanks really caught my eye. The option to customize the whole process peaked my interest even more. It all began with an inquiry about price.

It was a real pleasure working with Joe throughout the process. I began not really knowing what I wanted or liked. I just knew my omega brush had a huge, uncomfortable handle and my travel brush was too small to be enjoyable on a daily basis. Joe helped me with size and picking the proper knot for the brush. He was open to creating whatever style handle I wanted. He was also quick to respond to the deluge of emails I was sending and very patient through the entire process.

This is the result (pics attached) :


Butterscotch Harvard style handle
TGN finest 2 band 22 mm knot
55 mm handle height
50mm loft

Handle and aesthetics:

I was extremely impressed with how the handle turned out. The 2 band looks great with the butterscotch. I have never been a big fan of things in orange, but I kept coming back to the butterscotch after looking at all the blanks. I am extremely happy I did.

The shape fits my hand perfectly and provides for maximum grip with the flared bottom. It was much heavier than I expected which turned out to be a good thing. Joe sent pics during every step of the creation and even confirmed with me when he thought the bottom portion needed more taken off. I cannot find any imperfection with the finished product. It looks like a brush that would cost at least twice what he charged for it. I haven't been wet shaving for that long, but you could easily fool me into thinking this is a vintage Simpson.

Face feel:

This brush has a combination of softness and backbone I didn't think possible. I get no scratchy sensation like I do with the omega brush I have. Soft doesn't really begin to describe this brush. I am very happy he talked me into going with the 2 band finest instead of the more expensive silvertip.


This thing can really produce some great lather from any soap or cream. I've tried it with hard soaps, soft soaps and creams and have been pleased with the results of each. I've used it for both bowl lathering and face lathering. It does exceptionally well with my Stirling soaps. I have to put way more effort in when I am using the omega or travel brushes I have. MWF is no obstacle for this brush either.

I wasn't sure how well it would work when I did my first few lathers. The brush didn't appear to be covered in a creamy cloud like some appear to be. Once I put it to my face, it was like it was hiding in the brush just waiting to be applied.

I tend to use it more for face lathering simply because I like to keep it on my face as long as possible since it feels so good. I wouldn't say it is particularly thirsty. It easily holds enough lather for 3 passes. I could probably get 4-5 out of it if I really needed to.

Final thoughts:

Shaverjoe produces a great product. He goes above and beyond in terms of customer service. He really cares what his customers think of the brush and encourages honest feedback. His level of craftsmanship is impressive. If I were to open a shave supply shop, I'd want brushes like his in my display case.

I am very happy with my brush and it has earned a permanent spot in my rotation. For now, I use it as my primary brush.

For the price, you'd be hard pressed to find a better brush. On top of quality and outstanding customer service, you end up with a one of kind custom creation.


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Great looking brush! I have a brush that Joe made with a TGN 2-band knot as well - I agree with your assessment of the face feel. Buuuuut....you owe it to yourself to try one of his handles with a TGN Grade A Silvertip knot - soft doesn't even begin to describe it, while still retaining the scrubbiness you want for soap loading :)
I just messaged shaverjoe Thursday about a custom brush for SWMBO for Christmas. At first he was booked and wouldn't be able to have it finished by Christmas then he messaged saying he would try to work it in. He is mailing the finished brush out Monday he went above and beyond to get it done for me.
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