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Shaver credited with saving many lives


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Police credited a quick thinking wet shaver with averting a major disaster on the George Washington Bridge yesterday. As traffic stood at a standstill due to an earlier accident, the shaver, who goes by the moniker Ouch on web forums, was reported to have been precariously close to "snapping". Fortunately, the man was returning from a local emporium that caters to the wet shaving community, and was able to busy himself as the tense situation diffused, thereby sparing untold lives. Among the recovered items were bottles of Musgo Real and D. R. Harris Pink.

One officer said, "Thank God he had those products with him. I spoke to the gentleman, and it was clear that we were just seconds away from a catastrophe. He was going to start throwing bodies into the river, no doubt about it." His captain said, "Apparently, just a few whiffs was all that was required to calm some very savage feelings. We may have to look into making the carrying of these products mandatory in high traffic areas."

A rare happy ending in the city that never sleeps.

There is no way anyone who has not been stuck on the Cross Bronx Expressway can fully appreciate this. :thumbup:
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