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Shavemac question

How much difference in performance is there between the hand and machine made brushes from shavemac? I can see the head shape looks different. I was looking at a finest badger. I have a Col Conk brush made by Vulfix I guess. It is really floppy (it was cheap and I didnt know if I would even like all this stuff at the time). Looking for something with more spine. I am sure the B&B would be great when it is ready I just dont want to drop $100.00 on a brush right now. I have read the good reviews on the C&E. Would this be a good alternative to what I have now? Also, are the Edwin Jagger labeled brushes the same as the C&E. I have only found a plain white handled C&E and was wanting someting with a different look than the brush I have now. I reach for soaps more than creams and most of what I have are glycerine based.
The handmade bushes still have the natural tapering tips while the machine made brushes have had the head shaped by cutting. A handmade brush is going to have softer tips.
Hey Chris,
If you are concerned about your expenditure, but still want a high quality and high performance brush take a look at this one. Excellent quality and unbelieveable performance at $75.
Cutthroat said:
Looking for something with more spine.

I would guess that a silvertip from Shavemac would have more spine that a Vulfix. However, I have a 23mm silvertip Shavemac and wish that it had a bit more backbone. It splays too much for my tastes and is much softer than I had anticipated.

I believe that others have indicated that the Shavemac's finest is stiffer than their silvertip...don't hold me to this.
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