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Shavemac Knots in Stock

Rudy Vey

Over the last months I have built up some inventory of Shavemac knot, mostly the "Finest" and a couple of others.
The higher end knots, like the new super quality Silvertip 2-Band, as well as the D01 versions of Silvertip will be normally custom ordered to your size and loft and shape wishes - although I have right now some on hand!

The stocked knots are in the most commonly used sizes, if something is needed in another size, it can be ordered.
It takes about 4 weeks for custom knots to get here.

At the moment I have on hand:

Pure: 21 and 23 mm in bulb shape

18 mm Fan
21 mm in both fan and bulb shape (two each on hand)
23/24 mm Fan (3 knots on hand) - bulbs on their way here
26 mm Bulb (two on hand)
27 mm Fan

The Shavemac finest is one of the best "bang for the buck" out there. A very consistent quality of a mixed hair:
their outstanding soft silvertip with highest grade pure to give the knot a nice backbone. The ratio is about 30-35 % Pure with 65-70% silvertip. A lot of my customers compare this knot favorably over other companies "Best" grade.


Silvertip 2-Band:
24/25 mm Fan
more on the way

D01 Three-Band:
24 mm Fan

If you see here anything you like made into your personal brush, let me know. We can discuss handle material, shape, loft etc.

A few more knots are on order and as soon as they come in, I list them here.
I can vouch for the shavemac Finest grade. It's got soft tips and sufficient backbone for cream and soap. It softens up a bit more after several weeks but remains able to tackle triple milled stuff.

I love my Thäter and shavemac silvertips but I was so amazed by the 21mm Finest (fan) set in an RV PJ, that I had Rudy turn a Tulip handle and set a 23mm Finest in it. I promptly PIF'd the remainder of my Best grade badger brushes after that