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FS Shavemac Brush

I bought this Brush a few years ago and broke it in slowly using it once or twice a week. This was the most expensive brush I ever bought so I was very careful. Then after around 12 to 15 shaves, I found that I enjoy a more floppy brush so this one has been used around 20 to 25 times.

Spec's: Lightning Blue handle I think they called it. 26mm knot to the best of my knowledge. (I measured it with a Micrometer and it read 26.8mm). But if you know Shavemacs, they are so dense I can see this happening. The loft is 50 to 52mm. The brush stands 108mm and is 38mm at the widest.

All the lettering is still present and complete and no dents or chips or marks of any kind.

These pictures were taken after I shaved with it so it's showing a little bloom. Did I say it has a very dense knot? I don't know how they managed to get that much hair into one knot!

I paid just under 250.00 USD for it shipped from Germany but I'm asking for half.
$125.00 Shipped CONTUS.

This is a perfect brush if you're into dense and quality. The tips are very soft and no scritch at all! It lathers up like a dream and should go to a new home where it can get more use. Now that I have been collecting brushes for many years and have 100+ and I like to use a different brush every shave so this one is just not seeing any love.

PM me if you are interested.

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Knowing Shavemac it is clearly a 2 band but is it a D01, I highly doubt it considering it’s a bulb but if the buyer asked for it Berndt would accommodate.

However - a 26mm would have a loft of 55-56mm unless the buyer asked for a lower set. This being 50-52 points to a 24mm bulb. If it’s as soft as the OP says, it is not a D01.

Great lathering knot, love it, own several 2 band bulbs 20, 22, 24 and 26 mm - if you are a bowl latherer that wants backbone, it’s a great choice.
Iknow for a fact its a D01 as i ordered it. It took me a couple weeks of asking around before i made that choice. And yes, it is set a little low. A D01 will get soft after sine time but at first they do have some scritch. But not any more.

And it is a Silvertip badger bursh.
Because ive been asked...
Sorry guys, im only going to sell. No trades. But thanks for the offers. PP for funds only.
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