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Shavemac Break in...

My Shavemac D01 2 band arrived Friday...I took it out of the box and ran it across my Face...My first thought was "He!! No"...This knot was super stiff and irritating, which I haven't experienced with my other 7 knots....So I thought to myself "how can I expedite the break in of this knot"....And Ireallydidn'twanttohavetouse thison my Face 30+ times...I took the brush in the shower and scrubbed my Leathered arms for a long, long time!...I have 4 showers so far scrubbing my arms and the knot is breaking in nicely...I think 8-10 showers and it will be Face worthy!..Has anyone else done this to break in a brush knot???
Never done that, and have been considering a D01 2 band as well. My normal Shavemac 2-band was wonderful from the get go. Good luck and let us know what your final shower-scrub tally is!
Normally with a Shavemac I just soak it and use it. They tend to have very dense knots, so do take a few shaves to fully develop, but never had an issue with break-in.

Rudy Vey

I believe a member here said the D01 could be used as a jack stand.
Yes, indeed: Jim said this years ago to me..." you could jack up your car with it"...
I always say..."it's an acquired taste" and " it is not for the faint hearted".
The hair is thicker than most others, even the Manchurian from Simpson, which I would rate just behind the D01 two-bands. They are very densely packed with hair. Personally, I have only a flattop and a fan for a long time, but will eventually also get a bulb for myself.
I never expected to have to break in badger either. I discovered that my zenith manchurian knots broke in some based on face feel, loosing some initial scritch with each use as the knot bloomed.
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