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Shaved Ice - Lush Shaving Cream

hey so I grabbed this shaving cream by lush called shaved ice on ebay uk, seems to be one of the kitchen exclusive I could be wrong but I think it's a product that's only sold as part of the kitchen subscription or something along those lines, anyways was wondering anyone tried it out?


It could provide the closest, most comfortable shave, best post-shave conditioning and as a side effect cure cancer.

But it doesn’t lather and they don’t have to kill animals to make it so it’ll get thumbs down here

Isn’t that the soap brand where people change to the opposite side of the street because the stink of cheap soap that is emanating through the (invariably) open doors of Lush stores is just too overpowering? :pipe:

Lush stores taught me that is is possible to turned off by a soap smell.

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