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Shaveblog mystery razor

In the October 05 archive on shaveblog there is repeated mention of a mystery razor that the author is using, the one major clue he offers being the record cover for Boney Ms' " Mary's Boy Child"
Irritating little puzzlers like this bug the hell out of me and I was something that someone who is more clued in than I when it comes to antique razors could tell me what it was. I know the whole point of that particular post was that people should be able to research it for themselves, but not being au fait with the world of the classic razors I have no idea where to start, also having just spent three years studying for my literature degree (with a few more exams still to go:eek: ) I can barely focus on a keyboard, or form a coherent sentence for that matter; I think I must be one of the few people who is actually becoming more stupid with the more education that I receive, go figure!
So, the upshot of this long, rambling narrative, can anyone help figure out what this razor is before I have a complete mental meltdown.
Regards, AJS
Uh, just keep reading into November.... The mystery razor is a plain 1940s Gillette Superspeed. Since he "outed" them, a razor used to be practically given away on Ebay now takes in over $40.
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