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Shave soap rack

My wife has been driving me nuts with her comments about my stacks of shaving soaps and aftershaves (although she can have her crap lying all over the counter top!). So I had been contemplating this for awhile, and as of right now, whipped up a temporary solution. I built this out of dowels and 1x6's. Once she gets the bathroom redone I'll have to come up with a more permanent solution, but at least I have some idea of how I want it done now! I also think I could have added a few more racks as well.....I don't have much room for more soaps! I hope this post might inspire a few others that were looking for any ideas on how to arrange their soaps. (Might have to put some labels on the sides so I know what each soap is)
Very nice travel kit you have there!

All joking aside I really like the ingenuity there. You have given me some ideas.
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