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FS Shave Soap/Cream Lot: RazoRock, Proraso, Etc.

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For sale is a variety of items I've bought over the years and in need of a new home.

2 RazoRock Freedberg soaps unused, scent is faint after all these years but could perk up after lathering.

1 Nivea Sensitive shave cream unused.

1 Godrej Lime shave cream only used once.

1 Proraso Blue shave cream used a handful of times.

1 RazoRock Al Sapone shave soap only used once.

1 RazoRock What The Puck hard soap orange used once.

1 RazoRock Amici shave soap used twice.

1 RazoRock Essential Oil Of Lime Shave Oil unused.

IMG_2472.JPGAsking $60 USD shipped Canada/USA. Keep in mind nearly half of the price is for shipping cost alone due to the weight.
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