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FS Shave Soap/Aftershave/EdT/Straight Razor & Strop/Ikon DE Razor & Charcoal(ish) Goods Handle

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Good afternoon, gents. For sale today is a little bit of everything from my den. I'll selling things in lots. The price for shipping in the CONUS is an additional $13.95, whether you buy one lot or all of them!
So, what's for sale? Great question!

Lot #1: Shave Soap/Cream $25
Soap Commander LOVE (Special Edition)
Taylor of Old Bond Street AVOCADO Cream
Proraso RED
Razorock SON of Zeus
Mike's Natural Soaps COCONUT

All of it has been used. Most have only been used two or three times. The Son of Zeus got a bit more love than the others.

Lot #2: UNUSED Shave Soap $25

Cold River Soap Works Glide MADMAN's BOUQUET

As stated above, none of these soaps were ever used!

Lot #3: Razorock BLUE FOUGERE $10


I purchased this here on the BST for $15, and it just wasn't for me. I crushed all of the soap that I received into a 4 oz tub. The aftershave level is around 65%. This would be a good add-on!

Lot #4: Aftershaves $25

Barrister & Mann PATCHES
Summer Break PICTURE DAY

Aftershaves have been used between two and four times. Levels all at 95%+.

Lot #5: Straight Razor & Strop $60



I purchased this cool razor off of the 'Bay some time ago, but I'm just too much of a wuss to use a SE razor. I'll also include a virtually new Boker two-sided leather/canvas strop. The strop alone ran me close to $50.

Lot #6: Flowers In The Dark Eau de Toilette $30


This retails for $50. Used two or three times. 95%+ of full.

Lot #7: Ikon Shavecraft SBS Head on CNC Handle $45

These handles are sweet! It's one of the West Coast Shaving collaborations with Brian Twilley from Charcoal Goods. Though he didn't make the handle, he did design it. Here's what WCS said about this handle:

West Coast Shaving has teamed up with Brian Twilley from Charcoal Goods to design a line of stainless steel, CNC, made-in-the-USA safety razors. Here's the story: Brian is an awesome guy. When we discovered his razors, we reached out to him to see how we could collaborate to create something with his artisan design at a more affordable price point. Brian was all in. So with his masters in Fine Arts, he designed some handles with some west coast inspiration, and we found the manufacturers to make large quantities at a better price point. Welcome the Artisan CNC line of WCS safety razors.

Each razor is made through the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) process. This means that every piece of the razor is made precisely to our specifications. The razors are cut down from single pieces of stainless steel instead of being cast from a liquid metal, which means the metal itself is flawless and stronger. The heads are made to the same geometry as Charcoal Goods heads and are known as a mild but efficient shaver. There was no detail spared in making this razor. It is truly a work of art.

I ended up with an extra handle, so I slapped an Ikon Shavecraft SBS head on it and am passing this beast on to one of you lucky guys. Brand new and unused. And yeah, for the record, razor and handle weigh in at 4.6 oz (around 130 grams). SOLID!

And if anyone is so inclined, I will sell everything together for $200 shipped! Don't dilly-dally though, this offer goes away as soon as one item sells.

Lot #3 gone.

So most of the big stuff sold. As such I want to amend the shipping rates a bit. If anyone wants the FLOWERS IN THE DARK EdT, shipping is included in the posted $30. Same if you buy the razor. The aftershave lot will cost $10 to ship. Thanks.
#1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 are SOLD! We are left with the aftershave and possibly the DE razor (I haven't heard back from the person that contacted me about the Ikon). I would like for all of this to go away tonight, so let's say $70 shipped for the razor and the aftershaves. As I mentioned in the description, he handle and head are both unused. The handle alone sells for $50+ on West Coast Shaving and I paid $25 for the head on eBay (sold as "Blemished", but it looks great). So it's a even good deal before the aftershaves are added to the mix! Of course, I will still sell the razor for $45 shipped and the aftershaves for $25 plus $10 for shipping. Thanks!
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