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Shave Roulette

Shave #15
Roulette Bets : #7540

Shave Rating : 7/10
DFS (-), no irritation and happy shave.

Soap : Old Spice Musk tube
Brush : Omega 10098
Razor : Shavette (half blade)
Blade : Supermax Platinum Plus (2)
Aftershave : Old Spice Original and Anherb ASC

Today's shave was blessing in disguise and I'm glad that I didn't chickened out, thanks to positive environment by fellow members.

I took up shavette after a long time and when I was starting my shave I thought - why do I bother with this death trap ?

Yesterday's blade was broken in half and discarded after the shave.

First pass was ok, a bit hesitant and I had trouble finding the flow and this was because I'm spoiled by DE razors.

Second pass was better and the slickness from the Musk and confidence improved the flow.

By the time for touch-up, I got into the "Zone" and realised again that I like the nimble nature of shavette.

There was some leftover spot (very minor) above (not over) my Adam's apple, but I didn't pushed my luck and finished the shave gladly.

Old Spice Original aftershave didn't lit me up at all and I applied Anherb ASC to sooth my dry skin as Old Spice doesn't provide any lasting slickness or moisture.

Ps : Thank you Croupier for the bets.

My less than stellar experience with the shave will be my own doing (quite literally), so any rant is never directed towards the Croupier.


Tomorrow morning's shave...

7530 => Geo. F. Trumper coconut, RazoRock 400, Ikon Tek, Mühle Rasurkultur
I wasn't able to achieve a good shave with this combination. The Muhle blade works great in the R41 but not the Tek. And the GFT doesn't help much performance wise. I'm taking the Muhle blade out of the game and thankfully I'm now done with the GFT coconut.
Soap: Menrock Black Pomegranate
Brush: Omega 48 Pro
Razor: Gillette Prewar Tech
Blade: GSB (1)

BBS three pass neck shave. Wasn’t sure what to expect since this is my first time using the soap and blade. The soap absolutely exploded off the brush with the lightest flick of the wrist. The brush itself is a favorite face lathering machine. The soap smell was fresh and completely unique. Have to say the GSB was smooth as silk on coarse neck hair. Even did some buffing without irritation.
6203 produced one of the best shaves I have had in quite some time. Difficult to imagine a better roll.

Rubberset R400 with a synthetic knot
Dr. Jon's Savannah Sunrise, which i am liking more and more with each shave; dialed it in perfectly this morning!
Kai Kasho woody shavette with a Kai Mild PINK blade
iKon S3S for touch-up

Fantastic. Smooth, comfortable, close. 9.5/10!
My #6203 translates to :

Soap : Patanjali shave cream
Brush : Pearl 22 mm Long Synthetic
Razor : CS-11
Blade : Statum Platinum Coated (2)
Aftershave : Nivea Aftershave Shave

Shave was OK, it's a work in progress, but getting better.

I'm waiting for the delivery of rest of my order from last year, when that arrives I'll adjust the bets.

I really don't like 2 slots for bowl lathering brushes and the tubes will be clubbed together.
Happy Friday and happy shaves with your new number

View attachment 1208872

Brush: Semogue Owners Club 2-band badger
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ "Citrus Blast" (JAHE's mix)
Razor: Razorock Gamechanger .84 Jaws
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Germany (2)

Today's spin (0031) brought up Stirling's Lime. It's a crisp interpretation of a lime scent without being sharp. I truly enjoy this fresh scent - just as it is. Nevertheless, I recently wondered if Lime does pair nicely with Stirling's Orange Chill and Lemon Chill... and the idea of "Citrus Blast" was born.

I quite liked the results of this mix scent-wise. It smelled close to a mentholated version of Dr. John's Hydra (which has an outstanding and ultra fresh citrus scent imho).

Needless to say that the menthol sting of this Stirling soap mix was amazing... After having rinsed the soap off with ice cold tap water (we have temperatures in the lower thirties today) I now feel absolutely reFRESHed.

In the next attempt of pairing these soaps I will continue to improve the ratio of the soaps (more Lime, less Lemon chill), I might add some glacial Satsuma, too, or just some pure blood orange eo.

I know, I just could have ordered a tub of Hydra instead. But my approach means way more fun...
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4454 calls for this combination of kit that I’ve haven’t used together before. Second to last shave from that tube of Erasmic, I guess. Getting tough to get any cream out. And I think I have to do something about that brush. I assembled it myself with a super badger knot, but it is really turning into a floppy mop and I think I’ll have to pull the knot and reset it a little lower. Lather was still great though.

Second time with the Heritage and Spoiler, on 24 hours of growth. It did excellent work. Brisk smelled good and did not hurt, just felt nice and cool. Excellent all around.
I'll be excusing myself from the Shave Roulette for about one month due to major project (academic) while being a part of group of slackers and coming Semester exams, I'm really not getting enough time in the evening to enjoy the shaves.

Good luck everyone with the shaves and other endeavours.

Brush: Omega 46138 Synthetic Hi Brush
Soap: Proraso ~ White
Razor: shimmed Gillette Tech
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword China (5)

First snow in 2020 here in western parts of Germany. Appropriately today's spin (4454) called for Proraso WHITE. Had a flawless shave with it and the full nickel tech. I added a shim for some extra efficiency. Lovely bbs on the cheeks and dfs+ on the neck.

Enjoy your Sunday, gents!
Tomorrow morning's setup:

5967 => Barrister and Mann Barrister's Reserve Cool, Mühle Vivo black fiber v2, Ikon Tek, Kai

Unless something goes terrible wrong, I'm going to use this same setup for the week. At least I won't be complaining about not enough blade feel.

5967. Was looking forward to finally getting out the Fatip open comb slant razor, with a new Spoiler. Didn’t work out too well though. It was very smooth but three passes left a lot of stubble, and another pass ended up giving me a lot of irritation under my chin. We’ll see what happens next time.
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