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Shave Roulette

9 => Omega Eucalyptus soap
6 => RR Bruce
8 => GilletteTech pre-war + Super Knurl
6 => Bolzano

This will be a combo I've never tried before...
I had my 9686 shave last night....turned out great!

I think I have really been underestimating the cheap Mythus clone of the Kai Luffy shavette. It doesn't look like much, but it really gives a great shave.

And for clean-up, the more the Shave Roulette has decreed that I use the Stahly the more I am beginning to think that it is the best DE razor I have ever tried; it is certainly among the top 5. It surprises me that nobody has decided to make a modern version of the Stahly (not the whole razor, but at least the razor head). The rounded safety bars that are essentially mounted on springs provides for the smoothest feeling shave!

Anyway, two passes to DFS. Smooth and comfortable. And, of course, I got yet another amazing lather with Mystic Waters Rosalimone. I am almost out of it. I am hoping that Christmas will bring me a new soap or two to put into the Roulette rotation.
It will be interesting to see if the NEW and the Shark Platinum will do a good job on my skin... I am a bit concerned.

Brush: Semogue Owners Club 2-band bsdger
Soap: MWF
Razor: Gillette NEW Long Comb
Blade: Shark Platinum (3)

I needed three passes plus some additional touch ups to get to the desired level of closeness (something between dfs and bbs). Unfortunately my skin shows some tightness...
I guess the combo was just a tad too mild.
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9 - Universal Lama Intera / 7am Platinum AC
6 - MWF
8 - Heritage Collection Klenzo
6 - Pinaud Clubman

First try for the 7am blades. Pretty nice! Very smooth. Of course it may not have been a true test since my first pass was to shave test a Packwood straight I honed last night. To be honest, there wasn't much left for the shavette to do.
And on to the next number ...
View attachment 1189100


That brings the James Barlow into play for me.
Not planning a shave today, but tomorrow's shave could be either in the morning or in the evening. If I choose to shave tomorrow morning, I get this fantastic combination: Graydog brush, Soapy Science Lollipop Citrus soap, my brand new Kai Kasho shavette loaded up with a fresh Kai Mild Pink blade, and clean-up with the iKon 101. Wow.

Guess that decides whether I shave tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening. Tomorrow morning it is. Fantastic number for me. Can't risk waiting until tomorrow night because tomorrow's number might not be as favorable.......
9 Parker 91r
6 Executive Shaving Company synthetic
8 Persona
6 Williams Mug

Disclaimer: I do not work nor do I receive any gifts from Executive Shaving Company.
But, if you would have only one option, one option only I highly recommend the Synthetic from Executive Shaving. Not is it the softest synthetic brush I know but it also makes a great lather in seconds. AND EVEN WILLIAMS SOAP is no problem. It doesn’t matter if you face, bowl or mug lather. It doesn’t matter if you cold or warm shave. This brush is beautiful heavy and does not slip. I’m sorry but I just can’t stop raving about this brush.
The razor and blade (second use) combo work very nice as well. Very quick two pass.
Aah. Stirling's Sandpiper is on approach... I will smell divine on Wednesday morning...

Brush: WestCoastShaving Two Tone Tall Synthetic 26/56
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Sandpiper
Razor: Gillette Fatboy
Blade: Personna Platinum Chrome (1)
Today's shave gave me reason to wonder why I shave with soaps other than Stirling. These soaps give me such great shaves. Each and every time. Truly enjoy the scents. Their retail price is more than fair. The soaps last. To sum it up: great stuff (for me).

0- Williams mug soap
0- TSS Reine Borste brush
3- Gillette Slim + PPI Gillette Platinum blue box (5)
6- Old Spice Swagger

You know, the problem with randomness is that it is actually random instead of "random". :) Going to have to change out my betting sheet to replace items I've used twice with ones I hadn't been able to fit on the sheet before.

I'm one of those who gets along perfectly fine with Williams soap, as long as I soak it in hot water while I'm showering. Any brush can whip up a lather with it once it's softened. Today that was the only boar brush I allow in my rotation, because it is the first new boar brush that's ever arrived in my mailbox not stiff and prickly.

The Slim and its blade do what they do without drama and I smell of lime and cedarwood again. Very good.
As predicted, this morning's shave was amazing! Got a great lather out of the Soapy Science soap using my custom Graydog brush (made MORE than enough, lol).

I had loaded up the Kai Kasho with a brand new Kai Mild PINK blade that amazon just delivered a couple of days ago. I had tried two of these blades from Try a Blade previously in my Feather SS; the first one was smooth and sharp and I really liked it; unfortunately the second one was terrible and I binned it after one shave. My favorite AC blade has always been the Schick Proline, but I decided to try the Kai blade again. Thought maybe the Kai blade in the Kai razor would work out ok, and that the first Kai blade I tried might be more representative of the Kai Mild blade in general.

Thankfully, I was right! Smooth and comfortable, with fantastic reduction. Two passes only and I was completely DFS, without any irritation at all. Amazing. On par if not better than my beloved Schick Proline. Now we will see how long it lasts.

Couldn't be happier, though, at this point, with the shave I get from the Kai Kasho with the Kai Mild PINK blade. "The Ultimate Shaving Machine." :thumbup1: :straight:


Still on 4464...
4 - James Barlow ECHO
4 - "Try Me" Bin - Tim's Soaps, Roots
6 - Maggard's Black & White
4 - TOBS Eaton College

All was familiar with this shave with the exception of Tim's Soaps. They evidently ceased operation some time ago. Too bad as this was a wonderful soap! Fantastic lather and I loved the earthy scent. Wherever you are, Tim, "you done good"...

This will be my last Roulette shave. It's been fun, but I find that choosing the day's setup is more of a pleasure than a burden. Happy (random) shave to all!
I'm refreshing my current betting sheet to use up some odd soaps and blades. Bets stand until posted otherwise.

0Wholly Kaw
Monaco Royale
Omega 49 Pro

Fatip OC Piccolo Mk1
Little One

Red Tub
Semogue 620
Fatip OC Frankenrazor
George Jetson Special

Pre de Provence

Semogue 1250
Razorock German 37
Max HD
Personna Med Prep
(in dish)
Zenith B03-A26
Gillette Pre-War Tech +
Super Knurl
Knurl Deal
Perma-Sharp Super
4Osma TraditionYaqi Purple Haze
Pearl OC Frankenrazor
Bolt of Indra
5SaturniaYaqi Sagrada Familia
Fatip Piccolo Mk1
Little One

6Proraso RedRazorock Bruce
Fatip OC Frankenrazor
George Jetson Special

Bolzano Superinox
Sublime Citrus
Yaqi Mysterious Space
2-Band Badger
Razorock German 37
Max HD
BIC Chrome Platinum
Wild Rose
Vie-Long Chubby Fan
50/50 Horse
Gillette Pre-War Tech +
Super Knurl
Knurl Deal
7 O'clock Yellow
Omega 10065
Racer Platinum
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