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Shave Roulette

Hi guys,
I'm joining in! I don't have enough gear to fill them all out so I rolled to see what got duplicated. I only have a Rockwell 6s so I'm letting the wheel pick my base plate...
Interesting choice, using the wheel to select the base platel! Pretty creative.
Hi guys,
I'm joining in! I don't have enough gear to fill them all out so I rolled to see what got duplicated. I only have a Rockwell 6s so I'm letting the wheel pick my base plate. I didn't repeat R1 and R2 because they're not my favourites and I don't want this to be too much of a drag! This could get interesting, the first thing I thought of was a combination I really didn't want (I live in a cold flat so the menthol options aren't too appealing as Winter dawns here in the UK!) but I look forward to having some preconceptions broken!

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I never have paired my Future clone with a BIC. Need to be cautious in terms of cranking up the setting of the razor as otherwise I might end up scalping my face...

Haslinger's Schafsmilch is a perfect match to start a relaxed Sunday. Well done @kingfisher

Setting 2 on the razor was all I needed. Effortless bbs in three passes. It's been so damn close I might even skip the shave on Monday.

Prep: Hot shower and face wash with Pears soap
Pre: Proraso Green pre-shave
Brush: Stirling Badger fan
Soap: Stirling Orange Chill
Razor:Rockwell 6s Plate 4
Blade: Feather (2nd use)
Post: Proraso Green balm
A/S: Proraso green splash

One of my favourite combos from the summer makes a return in mid-November thanks to Shave Roulette (luckily it’s still quite mild, my bathroom isn’t heated!!

After discovering CosmoBarber Shaving’s excellent lathering video my lathers have gone to a whole new level. The Orange chill works so well with the Proraso Green line and it sure wakes you up! Rockwell on plate 4 (probably my favourite plate) with a feather produced an irritation and nick free DFS+ with just a couple of slight rough patches against the grain in the usual neck based trouble spots preventing a true BBS. A sold 9/10 though. I just want to share my appreciation for the Badger and Blade forum which has really helped me dial in my technique over the last twelve months - the whole NO PRESSURE thing is finally sinking in!
I’m finding that my ability to adjust my technique to match a new setup every day is sub-par. Seems it takes me more than one try to get the right amount of water in the brush, work up a high quality lather, and find the right angle/pressure for the razor/blade I’m using. And so although it’s fun to have a random new setup every day, my shave quality has been suffering a little.

Maybe it’s because I have a wide variety of hardware and software. Or maybe it’s because I’m not very adaptable. Whatever.

So, today I’m sticking with yesterday’s setup - from Saturday’s spin:
Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Chiado cream, RV B&B Manchurian brush, Schick Type A razor, Schick Proline B blade.

I’m going to stick with it for now, refine my technique settings, and enjoy some nice shaves. When I get bored, the blade needs changing, or an awesome spin I just can’t refuse comes up I’ll change everything up.

Still enjoying this game gents ..... just maybe not every single day. :001_cool:

Prep: Hot shower and face wash with Pear’s soap
Pre: N/A
Brush: Razorock Bruce
Soap: TOBS Sandalwood
Razor:Rockwell 6s Plate 6
Blade: Feather (3rd use)
Post: Nivea Sensitive Balm
A/S: Old Spice

Plate 6 is a bit lively for me on 24 hours of growth but luckily the Feather was on its third use and therefore somewhat tamed. I proceeded gingerly, with plenty of cap riding, and was rewarded with a DFS with just a touch of irritation to remind me not to push my luck with too many pick ups etc.

TOBS sandalwood might be the most idiot proof soap/cream I have used and it proved more than adequate for this idiot. Old spice tingled more than it burnt and is a wonderful match for the TOBS.

The Razorock Bruce is my little brush that could. It’s not flashy or interesting but it just gets the job done every single time and I love it.

OK, gents, here is today's spin.......



Enjoy your shaves!

(For me, this is my smallest synthetic brush, Williams, the Feather SS, and the Stahly for clean-up. I will be doing this have tonight because I have to be to work early tomorrow morning.)

Even though these are random numbers, it is mind-boggling. The Stahly has now come up three times, as has the Fatip Gentile. Every single DE on the list has been called except for my two favorites, the Pils (2 on my list) and the iKon S3S (3 on my list). Still since the beginning these have not been called. I have also used the Williams so much that I am almost out of it!

I have faith that the Pils and the S3S will come up at some point. Crazy. Maybe the Stahly or the Fatip will reach 4 uses before the Pils or S3S come up? Time will tell.
This is going to be my next setup:

Brush: Semogue Owners Club Boar
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Haverford
Razor: 40's style Gillette Superspeed
Blade: BIC Chrome Platinum (3)

It will be interesting to see if the BIC will work well in the very mild 40's style SS. Whenever I paired the SS with a milder blade I ended with subpar results and/or irritation... maybe the BIC is a better choice.
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I'm impressed. According to my notes this has been shave no.10 with this razor in 2020. It has been clearly the best one in terms of closeness and smoothness. I already considered to sell this razor. Maybe I just chose the wrong blade... needs further review.
Since there has not been released a new spin as yet I'm going to repeat my Thuesday setup. I will get up very early on Wednesday morning and will not have enough time to check the new spin. 4am is simply not the right time to prepare my shave stuff. Frankly it's not the right time for anything... lol.

Prep: Hot shower and face wash with Pear’s soap
Pre: N/A
Brush: Omega Jade Boar
Soap: Tabac
Razor:Rockwell 6s Plate 4
Blade: Feather (4rd use)
Post: Stirling Unscented
A/S: Tabac splash

The wheel knew it was Tuesday and so naturally it’s the delightfully obnoxious Tabac!!

I don’t use the Omega brush much anymore as I’m a daily shaver and I feel boar is at its best when scrubbing the living daylights out of three or four days growth. So the brush was a little rough, it’s 6 months or so old but I don’t feel it’s broken into something special yet. Tabac is, as you all know, a superb performer. I like the soap scent very much but the splash has a harsh note which I find unpleasant, plus it seems to burn like billy-o even in areas where I didn’t get that close! I don’t think I’ll re-buy the splash as Old Spice would compliment Tabac just as well IMHO.

Back on home ground with the 4 plate and a soon to be replaced Feather. DFS++!!
A BBS is in kissing distance but I have a couple of obstinate spots under my chin and directly above my adams apple. A couple of weepers and a bit of irritation on the ever sensitive neck marred an otherwise very close shave indeed. I think going from the 6 to 4 plate made me over-confident! I’m one of those guys who doesn’t mind a bit of pain for a real close shave though! 8/10

I will be the next Spinmeister gentlemen. Expect your new numbers at around 6:30pm GMT which will be 10:30 PST or 1:30pm EST.
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