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Shave related tattoos

Just curious if anyone out there has any tattoos that are shaving related and if you'd be willing to share a pic. I do not have one currently but can't say that the idea hasn't crossed my mind.....
I don't haveany but most barbers I know have tattoos of clippers and I know of a couple with scissors and straights.

I actually do have two straight razors tattooed on my chest. They are cutting through my heart surgery scar and to show them on a forum would be a bit tacky.

Edit: plus they aren't very well done as I was still young and they were free.
I have a hog on my calf does that count?
My brush wouldn't exist without them. And the fat could be used in soap. And I'll bet someone out there has used bacon grease as a pre shave.

Come to think of it, a hog could be used to represent just about anything. A hog tattoo makes more sense all the time. I don't have a tattoo, but if I get one I know what's on the list. :)