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    I have decided to branch out into the world of shave oils. Not much has been written on this, at least as compared to shave soaps and creams.

    Two or three years ago, I tried Shave Secret. It was just great for my skin, but it gunked up my razors and blades something awful.

    Since then I have discovered many new products that I want to try.

    Grooming Lounge
    American Crew
    Tree Hut
    Bump Patrol

    Are there any other shave oil products I should try?
    Are there any I should avoid?

    I am in the yearly sabbatical, but I am planning in advance for the restock period. I will start come January!

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  1. Would be interesting if you do a comparison between a consensus favorite pre-shave like Proraso and see how each stacks up. I’ve never been much for preshave oils but perhaps your investigation can chanee my mind. Good luck and looking forward to the thread!
  2. Chaucer

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    I’ve never tried oil instead of cream or soap. Only as preshave. For this purpose, Nancy Boy, Stirling, Truefitt & Hill and Gentlemen’s Refinery are all effective, but none of them is life-changing. The main difference among them is that some are thicker than others—NB being the most thick.

    A caution: Using preshave oil makes hands and razor handle slippery. I do a quick hand wash with soap after applying the oil to my face.
  3. You might try shave butters as well. Not a fan myself, but you might enjoy.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback.

    I am specifically interested in shave oils, rather than preshave followed by soap, or shave butters.

    The reason is somewhat unique to me - I have eczema, and oil is better for that than anything else.
  5. The Art of Shaving has some nice pre shave oils. Anywhere from $15-$30 per bottle.
  6. I have L'occitane Cade shave oil, which can be used alone or as a preshave. You might try that. I use it as a preshave and it may be to your taste.
  7. Make your own, it's easy.
  8. I really like Shave Secret, and don't seem to have any problems with it clogging up razors - I think the soap/cream breaks it down mostly by the time you're actually running a blade over it. Be that as it may, here is some feedback that may actually be helpful: :)

    AOS Preshave Oil - This seems to be to absorb into my skin really fast, unless I use a lot. Using a lot is easy to do because the bottle it comes in does not have a pour reducer, so you're bascially pouring it out onto your hand. Compared to Shave Secret, which really only needs half a dozen drops or so - maybe 10 drops - to cover your face.

    VDH Shave Oil - I don't like this stuff. Where the AOS and Shave Secret have a viscosity and scent that you can tell there's some good s*^t in there, this just doesn't have that - kind of thin/runny and doesnt have that killer clove scent that SS has or the almondy/sandalwoody scent of the AOS stuff.

    Shave Secret - I really like it as straight up oils go. I use about 2x the recommended "5 Drops." I usually wet the face (after shower) and then apply the oil and let it sit while I get my blade and work up cream in a bowl. So it is usually applied for 2-4 minutes before getting covered with my TOBS or whaever cream I'm using.

    As I mentioned - I think the soap/cream breaks down the oil long before the blade hits it. My evidence follows what @Chaucer mentioned... After I apply the oil, if I happen to hand lather my face, and then rinse my hand, presto - the oil is gone. Like any oil, it breaks down with soap. My opinion is that it does a good job of hydrating the hair and keeping it soft, but the under cream/soap lubricant really isn't a dissolves under the cream/soap.

    One last weird alternative.... For the past week or two I have been using Bulldog Shave Gel the same way you would use a pre shave Gel. (I think I slipped and called it Bull Frog in a related thread.) Anyway, it was collecting dust under the sink and on a whim I applied it to a wet face. I really like the little bit of menthol that envigorates that skin before shaving. And with the Bulldog - it does not disappear like the the straight up oils do under the cream/soap. I think it has much better staying power as an under-cream lubricant.
  9. +1.
  10. The best "shave oil" I've found for my old tough whiskers and hard water is an inexpensive bar of glycerin soap!
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    Monoi de Tahiti from Saponificio Varesine becomes an oil with body heat and is quite nice.

    Simple brand-less Sweet Almond Oil (scentless) is cheap as you need very little and amazing for the skin.
  12. Jojoba or coconut oil are great by themselves too. You can scent them with any essential oil you like. This will be more economical. I haven't tried preparations off of the market, so I can’t suggest any name brands for you. I get great shaves from those two, and have also used shea butter. Being thick, I didn't prefer the after feel, but it was good for the skin in the end. I’ve seen other oils mentioned, but those two above are always on hand, so are what I use.

    Hemp oil would work too, and be very good for your skin. It has a full amino profile, is healthy to eat and has a mild nutty aroma. It is used in a lot of skin care products. You want cold processed for the full skin benefits and especially if you eat it. I’ve got it in a pot of chicken soup now.

    It is high in anti-oxidants, GLA, VITS A C and E. Can help protect your skin. It is anti-inflammatory so could help with irritations/inflammations from those niggling difficulties of shaving that some have. It is also very moisturizing...they say that is one of it’s strongest skin benefits.

    I am committing to use it on my next shave, now that I see we have a bottle, after thinking we were out, and may report back with my results. I am waiting for some sun damage and bumps related to the detox of fasting to clear atop my scalp before I shave again. I can hit my neck tomorrow though and give it a brief trial.

    When I oil shave I just wipe the blade gently of debris on either neck strips or tissue between sets of strokes, as needed. A person could oil shave without water if desired. Applying to a wet scalp or face helps reduce the amount required.
  13. thanks guys.

    I have added the L occitane to the purchase list!!
  14. Oscar's oil

    King of Shaves, if they still make it
  15. I have always been reluctant to make my own, on the theory that these companies likely make better oils than I ever could. Have you been able to compare your own against a common market brand?
  16. I haven’t tried any from companies specific to shaving, no. Not being tolerant of fragrances is part of why I use simple oils, or them blended with a favorite essential oil. I doubt there is much, if any, difference. I could add other things like white willow or wintergreen oil for the salicylic acid effect, or add glycerin, and have to some liquid soaps concocted, but not a shave oil. I tend to keep it as simple as I can which works well enough. Not against the others, and also haven’t examined many to see what all they include as ingredients.
  17. Shave Secret worked well for me used straight, no soap. Wet the face, five drops massaged in, and shave. You'll have to rinse the razor more frequently, but other than that, I had no problems.
  18. I've tried a couple of shave oils and AoS is my favorite. It's thick and the scent is excellent--especially the sandalwood. Although I enjoyed it, I didn't find it improved my shave closeness or comfort, but there are certainly some people who like it. I hope you find one that works for your eczema.

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