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Shave Oil Added To Proraso

I've started putting about six or so drops of shave oil in my bowl then putting my Proraso on top before mixing with the brush. Works wonders. Has anybody else tried this? And if so, what were your results. What type of oil? Try it with another cream?
Generally speaking, PSO exists to soften the beard by direct application (because the skin will absorb it a bit). I think putting it in the bowl and mixing it with your lather diminishes its effect.

Are you sure it's superior to simply applying to your face? Kind of like a science experiment in that you need to only change one variable at a time?
I have added AoS' Lemon PSO to my mug when whipping Proraso lather. That adds more slip and protection to the lather.
I've tried adding different PSO's to creams/soaps, but never found that any attempt really seemed to do much. I have found that they can help when applied before lathering though as they add some glide directly to the beard. I've also found that I don't like all PSO's equally though. Generally speaking the thicker the oil the worse it works for me.
Yes, on hot summer days I add some Nuage for Men menthol shave oil to Proraso. It's awesome, come on and feel the freeze.
Doe's the oil coat the brush hairs and make them harder to clean? I wonder if adding oil to soap would work as I've always thought creams had a little better lubricity than soaps...maybe yes, maybe no - maybe it's psychological?
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