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Shave items everywhere

IMG_1052.JPG I took my family down to Kitty Hawk to the Wright Brothers memorial and I keyed in on the shave brush, an Ever Ready. Odd that I'm in a historic place, the birthplace of flight, and I want to know what kind of shave brush they used, or at least what the prop they used.
There was no razor, but my guess was for 1903 was a straight razor. Probably couldn't leave something like that out because of safety concerns. Above it on the wall was a little mirror. Creature comforts of the early 1900's left a lot to be desired for us modern day shavers.
I'm not surprised. In 1905 they didn't have cream in pressurized cans. I'm just curious what razors they used.

I was wondering that too! Not sure if it was some kind of powdered stuff they added water to, or something in a tube.
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