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Shave it, baby, shave it

If anyone has the documentary channel, there is a show coming on at 10:30pm central tonite about "Women's fantasies of men shaving." I have no clue what this is so I will check it out and give an update on what its about.
I dunno it just says doc for the name of the channel. But wow change it to it right now seriously this is AWESOME! They are talking about "the sound, the smell, the heat is incredible"

I wish i could record this.
They're talking about wathing their dads shaving when they were young. Stepping into the washing room and pretending to shave with him.
They like to watch because the man is vulnerable during a shave. It is extremely personal.
they are talking about the razors now. They're mostly using cartridge razors like the mach 3 or somethin.
Now they are talking about the straight razor. They say how back then it was like the barber's had your life in their hands, like surgery. It was an art. The whole prepping with the wet towls and everything.
The girls are saying how they want to shave the guys. Most of the guys are saging they would never let them do that. The girls want to do that because they like the idea of pampering someone. And with shaving, it shows trust. If you let someone shave you, you let them have great power over you.
Its over already. I wish they got more into it. They were mainly talking about women's facination with men shaving, and not too much of the art of shaving like soaps and creams, they showed shaving cream from a can and lots of mach 3's.
AACJ said:
You can actually download the video from this site, the whole video.

You can download the whole video from where?
I watched the preview and it looks interesting...
Now I have to get the dish just so I can see this documentary- tyx bigDee for introducing another level of buying disorder- DAD!

There's a button on the top right that says download video, click on that and it will download.
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