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Shave Den?

In a relatively short span of time, my wet-shaving hobby/collection has out grown my current Medicine Cabinet and is infringing on my wife's cabinet. I am looking for a better way to store and display my shave den. Any ideas? Come on, get creative. Pictures are most welcomed. Thanks!
Here's mine... It's not properly a shave den but works. Still something is missing like my straights and a cloud of samples. And some more AS like my Floids and the big Proraso! Let's see what I can do in the future!

Somewhere in these forums I saw mention of space-saving shelving at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I went there and found shelving of various widths, made to stand on the floor and rise over the toilet tank. At $39.00 one set fit my small rental space. I cut and placed white cardboard on one of the wire shelves to hold more shave gear and used another wire shelf to hold brushes and towels. S-hooks hold the handles of a copper lather bowl and a vintage shave mug.
TheVez2: Whoa! Now that's a Den!! Quite the collection. Let's talk. You've probably tried every shave product on the market!!!
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