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Shave Clinic pre shave products question

Hi all,

I have a question regarding pre shave products out there, maybe i will cover them below, but if there are any others i have not covered please recommend away, as im hinting to feed my AD's.

Currently i usemusgo lyme glyce soap, in the shower, to wash my face. It does a good job, but im thinking other than oils, what else could i use instead of or in addition to this.

Looked at Proraso Pre/Post. I love the balm, so figure this will be good. I was thinking wash with the musgo, apply the cream and carry on with my shower.

What else is there that would be good/beneficial?

I swear by Proraso as a preshave. I never use it as a postshave, but one little jar of this stuff will last forever as a preshave and if I accidentally forget to use it I ALWAYS know right away because my razor catches a lot more and doesn't glide nearly as easily. Buy this product--you won't regret it.

I have also heard some people like to rub conditioner into their facial hair during their shower to soften it. You might want to try this out, as it's cheaper than buying something new.
Yeah, tried the conditioner, but its no fun nicking the girlfriends stuff when i can buy something new!
i take it you want something that will prep the hair before shaving rather than assist during the shave ( oils )

i use the Musgo Real soap but only if i'm not shaving after a shower.
i do like Proraso's pre/post cream as well and i think that does a really good job of prep, again only if i'm not shaving after a shower.

i have tried T&H pre-shave oil and it helps during the shave but i didn't find it beneficial as a prep - plus it's very expensive.

so for me i've decided that shaving oils aren't necessary as an aid to shaving, but my old man (Nuage & Ultra Glide) and brother (Floid gel) like them but they still use canned foam/gel and they notice a big difference.
i manage with a good soap/cream
Lately, I've taken to keeping a cheaper tube of cream in the shower and massaging a small amount of this into my beard after washing my hair. That way, it sits on my face in the steamy shower for several minutes, while I bathe. Just based on feeling, my beard seems substantially softer after this.

This is kind of different take on "Kyle's Prep" which may members swear by.
I use Somersets oil as a pre-shave. It softens the beard a little more than just water but the main benefit I get is better skin. Don't know if this is just due to the extra glide or the oils themselves providing some benefit.
Thanks for the suggestions guys, i think i will start with the proraso pre/post.

Just out of curiosity, my vendor offers it at as follows:

1 x 100ml glass jar for about £7.
2 x 100ml glass jars for about £12.50
1 x 500ml plastic tub for £17

Will this last ages, ie, should i just be going for the 100ml or would the 500ml be the better investment for the price?
100ml will last a long time even if you use it every shave
what if you don't like it?
wouldn't do to be stuck with loads of it if that happened
True true, i know you know the vendor im on about anyway hando. Just seems like value for money the 500ml.

Im going to order the 100ml.

He just tempts me with 2 for x amount and i feel i need 2 even though i know 1 will last all year!
we all know he's good with his prices and his offers are worthwhile but you'd be better trying the smaller size first
don't blame me when you find that you like the stuff and wish you'd bought more
Consider also using NO pre-shave product as an option.

It might be possible for you to get a great shave without using such products.

For some of us, pre-shave products have been a dead-end. Consider that you might be able to get a great shave with good prep and a good soap or cream and a good consistency of lather.

I love exploring shaving products and am as obsessive about it as many of the B&B commenters, but pre-shave products for me have all been either unnecessary and/or messy and even detrimental to my shave.

Of course, this is not meant as a criticism of those who find them beneficial and useful. But for me it was very satisfying to realise that I didn't need to keep going down the pre-shave path - that I was getting the best possible shave without using them.
Thats interesting. I do get good shaves without, but for the minimal cost of buying the proraso, i may be able to better it. If nothing else, it will boost my knowledge!
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