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Shave brush clean made easy with citric acid

Dry granular. LINK. :wink2:

That looks pretty expensive in Canada. I'm in the UK. 1kg (2.2lb) costs me GBP 7 (~CAD 12) shipped. LINK.
In Hungary 0,5 kg costs about 1 pound (or 1,5 USD) approximately. I bought it at a food store (as citric acid is used for food storage mainly), however, maybe if they label it as "beauty" product a 10x multiplier is applied...🤑
I could see it would be fine for synthetic knots, but over the long term (if used on a regular basis) on a natural badger or boar bristle could be detrimental to the life of your brush.

That product is meant for glassware and not for natural materials.

Just my opinion.