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shave before shower?

I'm sticking with whatever works for you is good, but coincidentally yesterday I uncharacteristically shaved before my shower.

I will not be doing it in that order again if I can avoid it.
Typically I shave after a shower, but by your suggestion gave a try before and stand-alone. Still washed my face with a pre-shave soap as I would in the shower. The shave was great. No tugging or any other problems. And I use a shavette which supposedly needs exra careful prep.

My conclusion is the shower itself makes no difference. It does save a little water washing in the sink rather than with the shower running. That's a plus. And you can shave whenever it's convenient without any drawbacks.

Interesting opinions in here - I've always been a shower then shave guy, but I'll be trying out shaving first I think.
Shave before shower is certainly worth trying. I did it the other way for years; it was fine. But I'm finding I don't want to go back to that method, at least not now.
Alright I did my first shave then shower and I actually think I might do that when I'm crunched for time from now on. Wet my face with hot water a few times while I set everything up and gave the lather about a minute extra to sit. No tugging and all went smooth. Shower washed everything off so ended up being a little quicker too.
I always shower first. One must keep it cold. While in the shower I use St. Ives deep apricot scrub for my head, nothing fancy here. I then wash off said head with Wet The Face CF bar soap. Great shaves with clean exfoliated skin every time! Leaves a person feeling minty fresh and squeaky clean. You have been warned.
Back when I was still using canned goo and carts, I usually shaved then showered. It seemed like I needed to wash the goo off of my face and clean it afterward before applying aftershave. When I started with DE, and later SE and straights, I started to shower first. I think the hydration of my beard with a shower first, especially with a straight razor, really does give me a better shave. It works for me and I don't honestly remember the last time I shaved without showering first. As with everything, YMMV.
I'm a shower after shave guy. After 3rd pass I cold rinse and use Alum block or Witch Hazel splash. When face is dry I have my shower. After shower and back at sink I cold water rinse again and apply my aftershave splash followed with a drop of balm.

After years of trial and error this is what works for me. I agree with what others have said, there should be no right or wrong way for anybody. Do what works best for you and your skin. What works for one guy may not work for another. We all have our routines.
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