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Shave angle feel advice?

Hi I'm a newbie to the forum. I recently purchased a feather SS kami razor after switching from a double edged safety. Basically I'm watching shaveing videos and feeling for the razor's edge to engage and short strokes letting the blade do the work.


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Yes less pressure. Angle should be rather tight. If you are doing that, I expect you are using too much pressure. Shavettes are very sharp. Just pretend you are wiping lather from your face and see how that goes.
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Shave angle with the shavette is probably the same as a straight razor but people develop their preferred angle. Try posting in the straight razor section for specific advice. Shaving videos can be confusing so I avoid them.
The Shave Wiki should be helpful; ShaveWiki | Badger & Blade
I shave after showering. Than lather and let it sit for a few minutes, rinse and re-lather. Than I shave sections of my face and reapply lather to maximize the time it’s lathered, which surprisingly enough makes a big difference for me, more so than shaving after a good shower.

Post shave I’ve recently adopted using an alum block which I highly recommend. Soap selection is highly important too, some soaps even if they lather up nicely may not protect you as well. My go to is Arko as it’s the best out of the ones I’ve tried.

Remap your face and experiment with problem areas. I’ve gave up on shaving for a few years and grew a beard but due to recent events had to pick it back up and relearn everything, discovered what I thought I knew wasn’t the best approach. And a slight angle change in direction has improved how close of a shave and stopped irritating a very problem area.

My face is irritated very easily, so this is what I’m currently doing.
I find a very shallow angle is best, so the blade spine is barely away from the skin. I use a DX with zero pressure but I read that some small pressure is advised with the SS due to the 'bump' but I cannot confirm this. I find that adding more water to the lather is better for use with my AC than with DE razors. Obviously you should skin stretch as you would with a conventional straight razor. Practice makes perfect 👍