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Sharps Mint Witch Hazel

Anyone tried this? I picked it up at Target a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty nice - like Thayers, but without the rose. It's mildly minty (not very strong), and it has a bit of salicylic acid in it.

It's billed as some sort of "extreme" face care product - marketing to the Axe demographic, methinks. But it's good stuff nonetheless.
I bought some to try at Target when they first got it in. I dont use it often but grab it every once in a while for a change. It does not compare to Thayers in my opinion but hey.......its just my opinion.
When you say that it doesn't compare, how so? I'm not questioning your opinion, just curious as to the differences. I'd like to get away from the floral Thayers once in a while.
It seems like it is a slight bit drying for me. May be the salycylic acid. I'm ok with it from time to time but I think it could be a problem with regular use. It does say its for oily or combination skin on the bottle. All in all I guess it just does not leave my skin feeling as good after a shave as the Thayers does. I use the Thayers lavender (I am not that big of a fan of the florals either with the exception of lavender) alcohol free toner and lemon astringent. The lemon does have alcohol but it does not bother me in the least. The Sharps has a sting to it when it goes on.

The list of ingredients is twice as long as the Thayers, looks like some type of lab experiment. If you want the list I would be glad to type it out.

It has been a few weeks since I have used it so I cant really give a detailed "review". Im not a huge fan but, different strokes for different folks.
No need for the ingredient list. I may have to try to find the lemon. So far, the only ones I've seen local are the lavender (which I have) and the rose.
Yeah, the Sharps definitely doesn't pretend to be moisturizing. I have oily skin, so it's great for me. But for some, I guess, the salicylic acid could be drying.
Rik said:
Does anyone know of a good quality peppermint witch hazel?


I haven't seen one, but doesn't Thayer's make an unscented W/H? Add a bit of Peppermint EO...

Oh, don't try this with Dickinsons...trust me!

letterk said:
If someone tries this, make a whole bunch and sell it to the rest of us.


The idea of mixing a Peppermint EO with Witch Hazel came from buying a bottle of Dickinson's. SOUR! Ugh. Wound up with two bottles (different labels) that both went straight into the bin.

rtaylor61 said:

I haven't seen one, but doesn't Thayer's make an unscented W/H? Add a bit of Peppermint EO...

Oh, don't try this with Dickinsons...trust me!

Excellent Idea!
I believe I have an unopened bottle in the shave den and a couple of bottles of peppermint EO. Now, where did I put those cobalt blue 4oz bottles with the atomizers? :idea:
Baxter of California make a herbal mint toner which is supposed to be quite nice. I have it on order from Mankind.co.uk so I shall post a review when I get it.
Thayer's does make an unscented that is good. It also smells much better than Dickenson's unscented version (which for the record smells a lot like cat pee).

To see the whole Thayer's lineup, click here. Also, Thayer's sells a sampler pack of 6 different witch hazels which can be found here.
I see that Sharps also makes a citrus scented version which is supposed to be for lighter beards or sensitive skin or something. Has anyone used both and is there really a difference other than the smell.
I bought 5 bottles of this when it went on clearence from Target. I regret not buying more of it because I LOVE it.

I have searched the net high and low for Sharps Barber Brigade to no avail.

I am down to my last bottle and I am going to attempt a witch hazel and mint essential oil mix and see what I can get.
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