Sharpest after Feather Hi Stainless?

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    So I was wondering if there is somewhat a consensus what the sharpest blades are, right after Feather? Maybe ones that have a little more smoothness to them & are more forgiving?

    I love how effortless Feathers cut through my hair, so far nothing comes close to this resistant free shave. But I'd like to try a blade that doesnt immediately cuts me open if the angle is slightly wrong.
  1. Polsilver- almost as sharp as a Feather, but smoother and lasts twice as long. I can get 3 good shaves with a Feather, and 6 with a Polsilver. Less chance of a nick with the Polsilver too.
  2. That's actually very helpful thank you Sir! I'll be looking into Nacet & Polsilver blades next it seems
  3. You may want to consider Gillette Silver Blue as well. People are in love with that blade. It's in the same league as the others mentioned.
  4. Other people are very poor judges about how a blade will perform on your beard or head. Further, some people bin a blade after a couple uses, some once a week or two. Obviously views about sharpness will vary according to usage as well. Read the Refinedshave ratings and try a bunch that rate high in sharpness in objective tests.
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  5. Check out Gillette Sharp Edge and Nacets. Perma Sharp too. They are all quite sharp.
  6. maybe Kai? It's also from Japan.
  7. It is not just the angle but the pressure you apply that causes nicks, cuts and weepers. You may want to review your technique.
    I find GSB sharp and smooth.
  8. Gillette 7 oclock yellow
  9. You have my suggestions from the guys above:
    Polsilvers (or Wizamet) SI
  10. I would vote for the Russian feather; Rapira Platinum Lux. The first pass is smoother than most.
  11. Just started trying Gillette 7'Oclock Yellow. I think the sharpness may put it right below Feather. Great blade, and it is a much smoother blade, I have used it 3 times and am considering it as a routine blade.
  12. Thanks for the reference - interested to see that after the 1st shave the blades I usually use (German Wilkies and Personna Platinum) are sharper than the Feathers.
  13. I'd have to say Nacets. Nacets, for me, are very close in sharpness, way smoother, and seem to last much longer than Feathers. Israeli Personnas are probably a notch below the Nacets in sharpness, but smoother and just as long lasting. Once I discovered Nacets and IPs I was pretty much done with Feathers (after using them for like 20 years).
  14. These are the blades I've tried so far.

    The absolute sharpest is the bic chrome platinum. But it doesn't last more than 3 shaves. To me it's just super sharp.

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  15. Nacet is very sharp.
  16. One blade that is hardly ever mentioned is Bluebird Hi Stainless. To me they are as sharp but much smoother.
  17. There is no such thing as "forgiving" or "efficient" blades and/or razors for that matter. Many people confuse sharpness with smoothness just as many do with malleability with ductility as regards metal. Smoothness is due to blade coatings & sputtering and where Gillette rules the roost for DE blades. Different DE blades have different hone angles as well so you just need to find the one that works best with your razor & technique (your held angle).
  18. Blades are very YMMV thing but you can also consider Indian Gillette Platinum. Polsilver are my go to blades and I rank them at 3rd in sharpness after Feathers and Polsilver.
  19. Gillette 7 o'clock Yellow and Kai .
    But personally i don't like these blades.
    i prefer Gillette platinum for high sharpness and smoothness.

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