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Sharp Inheritance

Long time no post, but I thought I'd share what I've inherited (well, some of it) from my grandfather.

A Schick Injector, gold head and ivory plastic handle, probably from 1955-58. It appears he did not like it overmuch, and used it just a few times. It is extremely clean, with one blade that appears to be carbon.

A Gillette Knack, date code L 2 (1966 I believe) made in England. Very clean with almost no build up (he was a foam guy).

A Gillette Atra from the late 1970's (black handle). It could use a good cleaning.

And over 400(!!!) unopened Atra cartridges, mostly from the late 70's and early eighties, about 40 of which are Atra Plus cartridges (1980's obviously), and an unopened pack of 9 Schick II cartridges from about 1982 (also fits Trac II and Atra razors).

It was very amusing to find this collection of "blades" as I have my own collection of about 300 DE blades, and he never mentioned his hoard of Atra cartridges (a funny trait to inherit). Like I said, he was a foam guy, but he was accustomed to shaving twice a day; he was quite obsessed with being clean-shaven, and always impeccably groomed.

Requiescat in pace, Grandpa.
James, you are lucky to get these things directly from your grandfather. Nice haul. 400 Atra carts should keep you for a while!
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