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Shark Week Starts July 7, 2024

Shave 2 with the Shark Chrome

I'm not trying to be over confident but today was a comfortable shave with no blood in the water!!
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Shark SH.25 Head on Liveben Red Tip Handle. Nice aggressive razor. The threads are crappy. Unless you want a shark branded razor to play around with and try out for shark week (my situation), or want a razor under $10 (also me), you are probably better off with something like a game changer 84 or R41.

Shark Platinum blade is sharp and toothy, with an inconsistent edge that suits its name. Funny, the one I tried yesterday was extremely dull. Someone sent it to me with a vintage razor, perhaps from an estate, and I suspect it was well used and improperly disposed. Yuck! I guess I will be more careful with blades I don't pull out of a tuck from now on. Today's blade, which came from the same tuck as the one I measured in my research thread, was very sharp after the shave, but had a cutting force standard deviation of 15 grams on 0.29mm monofilament, compared to more evenly ground blades including Voskhod, Personna Blue, and Gillette Silver Blue Russia, which all had standard deviations in the range of 5-7g cutting force when their measured sharpness was near 53g.

BladeShark PtPlatinumLord Egypt

Batch BBatch A
LocationFlip CenterFlip CenterFlip CenterFlip CenterFlip CenterFlip CenterFlip Center
MediumStren 8 .29Stren 8 .29Stren 8 .29Stren 8 .29Stren 8 .29Stren 8 .29Stren 8 .29
Dulling SubstrateNewStpl Ppr Rubr PushStpl Ppr Rubr PushStpl Ppr Rubr PushStpl Ppr Rubr PushStpl Ppr Rubr Push
Stpl Ppr Rubr Push
Std. Dev.10131826284215
Median F (g)656162708413562.5
Mean F (g)676569849614064

Median adj. F (g)545151587011252
Mean adj. F (g)5554576980116

I didn't see the exact entry from coolcanuc from that link, but I search on his username and Shark and noticed he hit at least 100 shaves. Amazing stuff.

Honestly I don't know if I want to try to apply Excalibur techniques with this blade. I have had lots of difficulty getting stubble to disappear entirely with the SS, especially near my nostrils and the corners of my mouth. So I haven't even attempted steep shaving and the like.

R41 + Shark, or going more than 100 shaves with a Shark is BEYOND my humble IMAGINATION!!
Shark Week!! - Shark Super Stainless - Shaves #4

Gave the Shark SS one more shave, similar performance to yesterday, and no blood in the water

Equipment: Gillette Slim (4), Shark Super Stainless (4), PdP Bergamot & Thyme Soap, DSC T4 Brush

Shaving With Sharks: Gave this blade one more shave, switched to PdP B&T soap, and the shave hit right about DFS-. The lather was excellent, and the blade performed ok, leaving quite a bit of stubble that needed to be cleaned up. This time there was no red drama dots. This blade is done.

Next Up: Living in the Northeast US (New England) makes the choice obvious - a JAWS blade!!

Sir, this is Shark Week: NO BLOOD = SUCCESS!! :a29::a29:

(We set the bar high!!)
I think @coolcanuc had over 118 shaves with a Personna Lab Blue.
Typically I like to change blades at about the 100 shaves mark. Personally I find that this is where I typically find drop in comfort and performance. You could say that this is arbitrary and you might be right. For me this is a convenient "line in the sand" that I typically stop at. Sometimes I do go over that line and change the blade when I get to it.

A few years ago I participated in the February One Blade challenge and I don't remember if it was a Shark or Personna Lab, but I did go way past 100 shaves and found the comfort and performance to be really off by the end of that month.

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.

366 shaves in 2024
Shave#190 of 366 remaining 176(100%)
Shark Week

Muhle Rocca R94
Blade: Shark Super Chrome (5)
Brush: Yaqi Purple Haze
Soap: ZM Explorer
A/S: Davidoff Cool Water
Post Shave: Nivea Hyaluron Gel

Kept the same kit for tonight, but the results weren't quite as good as last night because I was a bit pushed for time tonight. Although it was comfortable it wasn't as good as it could have been, hopefully I will have more time tomorrow night.
Face and dome evening shave. Arko Sharko. Prewar Tech loaded with Shark Super Stainless blade. Arko and hot water for pre shave. Stirling Electric Sheep was the lather. Had to employ my 3blade Leaf (loaded with Shark Plats 4th use) for the final pass on the dome as the Tech was simply missing too many spots. No burn, no blood. Smooth shave. These Shark blades are impressive. Old Spice aftershave to complete the shave. Real nice.
Shark Week has coincided with me wanting to revisit razors long out of my rotation. Today's pairing was the Merkur 34C HD and a Shark Super Chrome.

No weepers or nicks, but I rate the late night shave a solid "meh". Three days growth.

Three passes and a good deal of cleanup buffing and I'm nowhere near a bbs or dfs. Rubbing against the grain on my cheeks--where bbs should be a given, if nowhere else--reveals plenty of stubble. Maybe the Shark and 34C just aren't a good pairing, but of the three "out of rotation" razors I've revisited recently (1966 Tech, Fatip Piccolo, and 34C) only the Tech suggests it should get more time in rotation.
366 daily shaves

Blackland Blackbird SSShark Chrome (12)Zenith 502B XSE
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Mike’s Natural Soaps Barbershop (117+118)Cold splash
Proraso Green

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
Process Quality
Blade Sharpness
10/10 (Clean)6/10 (Razor Sharp)
EffectivenessShave Comfort
8/10 (Smooth)


Magnificent shave with the Shark and Blackbird. Pairing could be slightly better, but the team delivered an outstanding result.

Further notes can be found here.

Enjoy your shave today!

Razor: Fatip Piccolo
Blade: Shark Super Chrome (2nd use)
Brush: Omega S-Brush S10019
Soap: Proraso White
Aftershave: Proraso Green
EDT: Adidas Pure Game

Second go with the Super Chrome/Fatip (was in a rush and didn't want to faff around putting it in another razor). Ok comfort, no irritation or blood, but not very close result at all. Tried re-centring the blade after last shave, better but still not even, I think Lords/Sharks are a no-go in this Fatip in the future.
It really is amazing how fast these threads grow!

I'm two days behind, five pages behind, missed a day of shaving, and not used to shaving quite so often.

The Shark SC in the Tech was a nice combo. Lathered up Arko and finished with Lustray blue spice. I had stopped using a Tech a long time ago but now I will need to start using one more often.
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