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Sharing my shaving mug

It's a lazy Saturday and I don't share very often but here goes...

This was my father's mug, I'm pretty sure this was a retirement gift when he left the service. He was a mechanic in ww2 and served in Europe. I'm almost positive it's intended to be a shaving mug and that's how I use it. I dropped a new Williams puck in this morning since I used up the last one and I figured I might as well take some pics.

Has anyone else come across any mugs like this? Also I guess you can share your favorite mugs if you want.
I'm almost positive it's intended to be a shaving mug and that's how I use it.

While they can be used as shaving mugs, customized military mugs were, foremost collectable reminders of a person's service. Or they became coffee mugs. And some, like yours, serving as a heirloom shaving mug. Congrats.
Also, for what I have read, personalized mugs like this one would serve to take it to your barber (if the person was acostumed to get a shave from their barbers often) and the barber would use your mug and soap to shave only you and it would stay at the barber shop till next shave, but most likely were customers with deep pockets to get shaved at the barbershop on an almost daily basis! Anyway, thats the way I heard it.
Nice mug. The soap fits perfectly in there. Its ment to be a memorial coffee mug, but they work perfect as a shaving mug (I have several myself - retired Navy, but mine are not that old hehehehe). Use it with pride and enjoy every shave with it.
Very cool indeed! My father who spent 22 years in the Air Force has an entire office that has more mugs plaques news paper clippings and photos then the smithsonian.

If anyone is familiar with jet engines, my dad spent his entire career turning wrenches on them and then became a maintenance supervisor after that.

When I inherit his mugs I’m going to have to clear an entire cabinet to make it work!
What a great reminder of your father. It is in beautiful condition considering its age.


I hope the Space Force will have some for sale soon.
Correct 1947 saw the army air core become the unites states Air Force, as I joke with my dad to this day and call it the “chair Force”
A LOT of individuals and groups had squadron, ship, etc. Coffee mugs. All branches of services. There were a lot of personalized mugs, different styles including that one.

That one has the squadron it, squadrons, ships, battalion’s, company,etc. Just about any group get them made up for everyone in the squadron. They put people’s name on them as its easy to mix them up. A lot of nany petty officers had ones with their rate and rating on them. Myself included. I had a personalized one snd one for each ship I was on. With the amphib seabees I didn’t as I was to busy digging foxholes.

If someone gave one to him for retirement it would be more personalized with rate, rating, etc. AND include the command.

It’s definitely a coffee mug and a squadron one not retiremment, as they would be common, but I’m sure it will make a fine shaving mug.

Not trying to bust your bubble, still a nice keepsake. Wish I still had my several.
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