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Share your shave den

Where do you shave, what do you like about it and what are your future plans?

Here is a picture of my Shave Den, or as my wife calls it “the shelf in the basement bathroom with the stuff”.

I’d love to see pictures of other members “Shave Dens” be it a rich wood cabinet stocked to the gills, a shelf or the corner of a sink.

My stuff is in our main bathroom, my wife moved her stuff to the other bathroom. I got more stuff than she does.

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We essentially have "his" and "hers" bathrooms for getting ready in the morning, with mine being in the lower level and my wife's is on the main level.

I have a few other things in the sink cabinet that I rarely or never use, but this is the setup for what I use on a regular basis. I have a couple balms that are not shown that sit on the shelf above and my WSP aftershave stays on the counter next to my brush stand. Extra blades are stored in the wood Pereira Shavery box on the upper shelf.

Mine is split between one drawer and a shelf in the bathroom, and my office across the hall. I keep the bulk of soaps and creams and brushes and razors and samples and blades on shelves and in drawers in my office.


My wife took pity on me and liberated one shelf in the bathroom for balms, splashes, scents and such.


Shave bowls, alum and such is in a drawer by the sink. The razor and brush o'the day are the only things I leave on the counter, kept watch over by my Cairn and his companion, the Wee Scot.

My latest shave den arrangement heading toward being a minimalist.

New Shave Den.JPG
Razor: Viking Chieftain in homemade stand of pipe connectors
Blade: Feather (in razor)
Brush: Omega 11126 on WCS stand
Soap: Van der Hagen deluxe
Mug: Hobby Lobby enameled coffee mug used to hold hot water while shaving and storing items between shaves.
Glass Jar: Old bullion jar with alcohol for cleaning razor after shave.
Yes--I assure you I'm no carpenter. It's mostly pallet slats, wood glue, and dowels, with a few screws securing the uprights. Took a while but it was fun and it's both pleasant to look at and extremely practical. The smaller one was made mostly from a couple cedar pickets planks I had leftover from fixing a neighbors front gate.
My shave "cathedral" started out like this


It ended like this





Wow, I did a double take on that! Like the setup with the drawers, makes me think of finding an old silverware set (the kind with the nice felt lined box) pawning the silver and storing razors in it. However I don’t really have room for a box of that size or enough razors to fill it.....yet. But I digress, great looking setup!
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