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Share your annual summary of wet shaving: Looking back at 2020.

Before I pull the trigger on buying expensive SR gear, I think I'd better give it a try first.
Any advice?
Keep an eye out for PIF’s on the forum. The idea of pass it forward was documented by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. Members often pass on items of kit that they no longer use for free. If you keep an eye out something suitable might just come up. Search for PIF.

I went crazy over brushes during the spring of 2020. Highlights included my first horse hair (a Vielong), Semogue boars, Semogue 2015 HD (2-band finest), and my first Rudy Vey (Irish bog oak with Shavemac 2-band silvertip).

Then in September it was down the traditional straight rabbit hole via the Feather Artist Club portal, including traditional straight razors, synthetic and natural stones, and a couple of strops. And the time I saved from not commuting as a result of the pandemic was a major factor in me having the time to do this.
What has wet shaving brought to you in 2020? What have you learned? What products did you acquire and why?
What are your goals for 2021?
Great thread, great questions. I got back into wet shaving in 2020 after a "false start" two years ago, so I learned more than I could catalogue here! I am in the hunt for a daily shave that satisfies me in terms of both closeness and comfort.

I bought 3 DE razors, a Parker Shavette, and a Feather Artist Club SS. Also: 2 brushes, plenty of blades to sample, and several different soaps: 3 from Stirling, MWF, 3 from B&M, Tabac, Speick.

My goals for 2021 are to stay active in B&B, get really proficient with my Feather AC SS (defined as not needing or wanting to use a DE to finish the shave), and for the sake of variety, maybe try either a vintage DE razor or a modern artisan-quality razor.

I also would like to use up as much of my soap as I can before buying more. ("Give me strength!!").
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