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Shapton G7 ‘Knife’ Kit


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I just gave in and got the Shapton G7 knife honing kit, the holder is cool and I have almost the full set now with the three that came with this kit. It includes 3 G7 hones, a ‘500’, ‘2500’ and a ‘30k’, plus a small diamond flattening plate and a cheesy pencil.

The stones are about 1-3/8 x 6-1/8” (35 x 160mm) and the size is really better suited to razors than knives. These are the same material as the Shapton HR series but with 7mm abrasive vs 5mm for the HR. I’ve always liked art deco, and this is an art deco stone holder if there ever was one.

Good stuff, these stones will cut anything in short order. If you’re considering the Shapton HR line but balking at the price, you can get this kit and add the ‘8k’ and you’re good to go from fixing chips and correcting geometry to the final finish.

When my dmts wear out more I think I will do the same. I'm very impressed with the 30k for knives. I haven't used it on razors yet but I will. Even though I have the full line of dmts and the venev bonded stones. And atomas. And chosera. And some suehiros. Someone please make it stop! Lol. Today I sharpened a Spyderco in s110v. Took it from an 8 k dmt to the 30k. Absolutely razor sharp edge and no stropping needed. I don't mind stropping but if I can get a super keen edge off a stone that's fine with me. Now I realize that I really don't need this refined an edge. But we are all always pushing the envelope. I always balked at the full size 30k for +/-$360. But for $109 shipped? I'm a buyer. No buyers remorse either.
I am looking for a set to sharpen both my wife's only quality 7" chefs knife and my straight razors (the knife is my gateway to the stones for the razors, also known as the way to get her approval. Nice to read your impression of it.

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Ask me about shaving naked!
Bill, according to internet lore (and we all know that’s reliable, lol) the Shapton HR series was designed to cut the wear-resistant, semi-stainless Lie Nielsen A2 plane steel. Sound familiar?

I usually don’t use my razor hones on knives, but I have a Yoshikane SLD slicer that no synthetic seems to cut well except a Shapton HR or G7. Some JNats will but it’s hit or miss. If you put that Yoshikane on a Naniwa all you’ll get is a rounded, burnished bevel that’s really not sharp.

If you have tough, wear-resistant steel, it’s really the only choice other than diamonds.
+1 for the shapton G7 series. I have the 6.7, 3, 2 & 0.85um stones. Absolutely fabulous. I will get the 0.44 soon :)
I have the 0.85 and the 0.44. I do not think you need the 0.44, but i guess you will find out:)
The 0.85 feels better. I get some rouge scratches with the 0.44, which i do not get with the 0.85.
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