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Shapton 16k, or something different?

I usually finish on a C12K and hit the CrOx balsa. I'm thinking of adding a Shapton 16k and then finishing on the CrOx. Anybody have any thoughts, or suggest another stone? I'm not going up to 30k as I find the edge too harsh.
I've got both a Shapton 16k and 30k. Although I haven't had them for along time, I reckon they are both super stones. I agree that the finish from the 30k can feel too sharp on some razors. To tone it down a little I use a crox balsa strop for a few laps after the 30k and then strop on both cloth and leather. These combined take away a little of the harshness but still leave you with a super sharp edge. I actually haven't shaved with an edge from the 16k but the Shapton 12k does a great job so I can image the 16k would produce a very nice edge.
I'm guessing the 16K is the GlassStone. I prefer the Shapton Pro line even though I've read that the GS line is better suited for straight razors. The Pro 15K is very nice. It's expensive though.
16K Shapton Glass by itself produces a fine shave indeed :thumbup:

You can do 2 things IMO:
1. use the Chinese 12K, then Chromium, then the 16K as a finisher
2. use the 16K then the Chromium to finish

Whichever one floats your boat!
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