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shampoo for beards

I've been growing a beard for the past couple of weeks. (I'm shaving my neck, so I don't think I need to renounce my B&B membership just yet.) I'm wondering if those of you who have or have had beards found any shampoos to be particularly good for them. Thanks.
I use American Crew Citrus Mint on my beard. It is very gentle and readily available. You can try the special beard shampoos (Blue Beard's, Beardsley) as well, but I think they're a bit expensive for my tastes.

After shampooing, I usually use a silicone-free conditioner (Suave Naturals work great), and then apply a jojoba and rosemary oil mixture to help combat dry skin under my beard. The routine really works well for me.
What about using your soap or cream and loading up the brush and working it the hair and skin. I have a circle beard and lather up everyday and make it a point to cover the area while I shave. I have never tried it with a beard ,but it seems to me that all the good stuff in the lather is good for the the face regardless of shaving or not.
I've found that if I thoroughly wash my beard, it ends up going crazy (hairs sticking in all directions, etc.). I understand there are many beard types, though (I have sort of a middle-eastern, thick beard).

My main concern is the skin under my beard, and the dead skin getting caught in the beard, face dandruff is gross. I've found that a scrub, like Burt's Bees (what my wife happened to have around) works great, and has the side effect of making the beard smell nice. I just work it to the skin, but don't concentrate on the actual beard hairs at all.

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My beard is not quite as long as yours yet, but it's been growing for about a month and half (though I did trim it back at one point to get rid of the spotiness it had). What I do is wash it in the shower at night with face soap, then shave under my neck, apply aftershave to neck and allow it to dry, then hit my whole face(beard area included) with Vasaline for men body lotion. I sleep with the lotion on my face and then when I wake up I rewash my face with face soap and get all the lotion out of the beard (if you don't the beard looks greasy).

Not sure if this routine will work as my beard gets longer/more full, but for now it works like a charm.
Dove Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner is all you'd ever need...for your head and beard. I've tried many shampoos/conditioners including your typical Matrix/American Crew and other "top" brands and none come even close to what I get from Dove. Give it a shot, it'll be less then $10 for both shampoo and conditioner. Avoid getting the 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner variety as it doesn't work as well as having one of each. :001_smile

My wife tried getting me to switch to Dove for years. Even way before they came out with a men's line. I'm glad I did. If you give it a shot, you will be too.
I just massage a little of what I use for my hair
same here
not much, just a little bitty bit. Mainly water rinse while I shower, and brush through it real well with my military style bristle brush. It's supposed to help distribute your hair's natural oils all throughout. I haven't done any quantitative studies on it, but this year's beard has felt much better than last year's beard (before I discover the military style brushes)
I just use whatever I'm using on my head. Then I use Paul Mitchell The Conditioner(a leave in conditoner) on my whole head-scalp, as AS balm and rub into my beard. Since using it that way no more under beard flaking or irritation. After I comb, brush my thinning scalp hair I use a soft brush on my beard to get it to lay right. Works great.
+1 on the dove. anything moisturizing as heck was good for me, my beard isn't greasy at all like my head, and you have to mind the skin under there!
I only wash my facial hair every other to every third time so as to not dry the hair out. Just a touch up with the wax for my bis and I am good to go!
I use what I use on my hair "Woodys" Shampoo every once in a while, then when I'm done I comb it out and use Honest Amish Beard Balm.
I use the Old Spice 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Seems to work for me. Though note that I don't have a Duck Dynasty type beard. I keep it trimmed much shorter. :)
I use Quantum Clarifying Shampoo a couple times a month on my hair and beard. It isn't meant to be used everyday but will get rid of all the buildup from water and other shampoos and conditioners. My skin in the beard area has been much happier since I began using this. A great shaving brush cleaner as well.
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