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Shampoo bar suggestions

Interesting thread. I'm currently using a tobacco shampoo bar by WSP. But I don't think I'll buy again, since getting it to Canada is cost prohibitive. I have used a PAA but found the scent weak and the bar too soft. Didn't last very long. Will try Stirling next. I've been using both their hand soaps and shaving soaps. I find them to be good value and performers.
Stirling bar is softer and smaller than PAA
Stirling has a wide selection of scents and the price is reasonable. BTW good results too. DR Harris is also very good but more pricey. I use DR when I travel because they have a nifty aluminum soap holder.
Have had issues with dandruff and dry skin in the past but the shampoo bars seem to be working. Have tried many different shampoo bars (Liggitts, Lisa's Aduvardic, etc.) and have found the Siliski to be my favorite so far.I am currently using Siliski Soaps Patchouli Blend Shampoo Bar and have been using it since the Maggard Meet Up, it still has about another month left so a excellent value. Used to use his Body Bar Floral Bouquet as a shampoo bar since it was LOADED with skin food and that worked great so figured the shampoo bar would be as well.
+1 for D R Harris Shampoo Bars. I wash my hair daily and find these keep my hair in great shape. My favorite scent is the coconut. And as another poster said, they last a long time.