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Shamans cosmetiques Quebec


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Hi all
While on a stroll in Quebec I stumbled across the shamans store. Primarily a soap company they have some proaso line but their own variety of shave soap in 2.82 oz half moon shape pucks and matching handmade shave mugs that hold the little puck. The store employee made a lather on my hand and I bought two of the many varities!, an orange and rosewood. The soap was about $7 Canadian.

The claim to fame is donkey milk. The primary ingredients are canola oil, palm oil, coconut oil, donkey milk, Shea, grape seed oil, cotton extract and vitamin e.

The scent is very mild and subtle. I'm not a lather pro but I found in my only two uses so far a very different lather experience from my other many soaps. The lather is thin, very soap like. Bubbles seem to fade off my face after application making me think that it wasn't a good soap. But the cushion and slickness was something I haven't seen in many soaps. Incredibly surprising given the seemingly thin lather I was only able to develop. I got a BBS both times with no irritation or cuts or nicks. The face feel is a 10. After shave very impressive in terms of a conditioning feel. I didn't even feel like I needed my usual alum or even aftershave. Other than the experience of the soap fading on my face I was pretty blown away with soap.

The price point is nice. Especially for a artisan product. I searched around the forum but didn't see mention of this brand. Interesting to gear others experience or opinions.
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