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Sextoblade pass around and PIF

How is the Sextoblade treating you KJ?
Hmmm... I'm not sure what happened. I made a big long post yesterday about my first shave, and it has vanished. I guess the Internet black hole srtrikes again. Soooo.......

My first impression of the Sextoblade is that it was awesome. I got a Parker shavette for Christmas, so I'm comparing it to that. I thought the Sextoblade was easier to use than the Parker. I'm not sure if it was the design (and resulting angle) or the blade itself that made the difference. I'm using a Personna hair shaper blade in one and a Personna DE blade in the other. I'm not sure if the hair shaper blade is not quite as sharp as the DE, but I seem less likely to cut myself with the Sextoblade. I did get one wicked cut from the Parker on my 2nd or 3rd use.

For my first shave I did one WTG pass and one XTG pass. The resulting shave was much closer than my typical DE shave which incles one WTG pass and two XTG passes (both directions). It was about the same as 1 WTG pass for me with a normal straight (which is usually very close). Got a very weepers, but chalk that up to getting used to somethign new.

My second shave, this morning, I added in an ATG pass on my cheeks, just to see how it went. Wasn't super easy, skipped a couple times, but ended up getting very very smooth, not quite BBS though. One one weeper today. Still liking it.

I didn't bother with the guard for my first two shaves. I might try the guard tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

I can see a Sextoblade easily gracing my normal rotation. I've already started to troll eBay for one. (again, don't include me in the PIF). Will give it a couple more days then I'll send it back to Paul.
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Take your time KJ... I have no exp. with the Persona blades but really liked the Fromms.

Looks like we have Brent and Braxis in on the PIF. Taffy and KJ have bowed out. Still waiting on a few others...
In the PIF are


we will give the other few guy a few days then draw a name or slip a coin or something....
Hey Vez

In my expirence the Parker is much less forgiving then the sextoblade. I think it is because of a combination of the blades being very sharp and thin as well as design of the Parker itself. When you think about the blades they are really ment to be in a de handle where they are held securely in place and the are ment to flex in the handle to help set how aggressive the blade is. Then when you take half a de blade and put it in a straight edge holder you are not really compensating for the flex that is built into the blade and are pouting the blade in a much less secure holder making it much easier with any miss stroke to cut yourself. Now withe the sextoblade we are using a thicker blade which makes the edge wider and more stable. Also the thicker blade makes the blade less likely to flex. We are also using blade that were made spacificly for this type of holder. I have persona blades and original weck blades that I use and the design is almost identical. In addition the size of the sextoblade makes it much more like a real straight. As for the guard I find I can get a closer shave with out the guard but my shaves are more comfortable and faster with the guard on. The other thing to think about is that while both the blades of the Parker and sextoblade are disposable you can strop and sharpen the blades of the sextoblade if you want.
Third Shave: This time I used the guard. The guard makes shaving with this a breeze, It did n't feel like straight ecept for the was I was holding it. It was more like using a DE it was so easy. I was able to complete my shave a lot faster. I did 2 passes, like before, but it wasn't as close. I'm assuming because the guard was affecting my angle I couldn't get quite as close. So I did another XTG pass and then attempted ATG on my cheeks. That pass went ok, it's still pretty tricky for me to do ATG. But BBS on my cheeks was the result, closest shave with the sexto yet.

Hillbilly had a really good idea for this pass that never took off, taking a picture of the sexto in front of a landmark to show its travels. I thought I'd at least do that and give you all a small glimpse of the desolation and dust that is Kandahar. I think the photo thing is going to be a requirement for any pass I do in the future. I think it makes the thread more fun and interesting to go through, even for non-participants.

In case you're curious. The stone holding the blade arm open is lapis, a semiprecious stone that is mined in Afghanistan.
One interesting thing I just found when researching Wecks... This is printed on the back of the box for the Trade Sample Sextoblade:

"SEXTOBLADE RAZORS do not belong to the non-strop family. They can be and should be stropped."
I like the photo idea but it just didn't seem to take off... Heck I planned on having this back a month ago :lol: not a big deal at all I'm just glad so many of yall tried it and liked it enough to want one, or several :lol:

7 day set you say????
Oh and very cool pics KJ! I bet there is some neat stuff over there under the dust :lol:

For some reason I picture that area a lot like West Texas...
The wife picked a number and it looks like Braxis won the Sextoblade from Otto! Congrats Braxis!!!
Congratulations Braxis! PM incoming.

Paul, thank you for the interesting thread! This is pretty much a completely overlooked shaving tool and I was surprised myself how well it did the job. I will likely pick one up the next time I'm out bumping around the antique stores looking for gear.
Everyone who posted in this thread made it great! I am gald a few more folks discovered the Sextoblade. I got it through the pass around game a while back and it got me interested in straights.

I hope everyone enjoyed their shaves with the razor and I encourage everyone to add to the Wiki or post a review of what you think (because I have been to lazy to :lol:)
I'm working on the wiki part, I'm researching as I go. Hope to gather enough info to post something soon. Paul, the Sextoblade is in the mail on it's way back to you.
I'm working on the wiki part, I'm researching as I go. Hope to gather enough info to post something soon. Paul, the Sextoblade is in the mail on it's way back to you.
Sweet! I will try to do a little digging this weekend and see if I cant find a little something to add too, don't hold your breath though...
When I get mine I will send you some pictures of it to add to the wiki.

Paul I am jealous of your sextoblade it is better traveled then I am :lol: It has been across the US, Great Britain and to the Middle East!
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