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FS Several nice straight razors for sale

Letting go of some of my collection. I’m not the best photographer, so if you need more photos or info for a given razor, please let me know.

Prices are firm—please don’t ask me to negotiate. Payment via PayPal only.

Though I think most of these are shave-ready, I won’t advertise them as such. No time for honing at the moment.

Summary of razors, conditions, and prices (all prices include shipping, tracking & insurance in U.S.; due to bad experiences in the past, not shipping outside of U.S.):

Red JMP Filarmonica Doble Temple #14 with case: $400

-Pristine condition.

Black Filarmonica Novodur #14: $300

-‘Fil’ in Filarmonica in gold wash slightly blurry. Pivot could be tightened (I’ll let buyer do this).

Coral, 6/8 with case: $150

-Excellent condition.

Double Duck Special No. 1, 5/8: $150

-Immaculate condition; tang blackening in great shape.

Puma, 6/8 with case: $200

-Immaculate condition. Pivot could be tightened (I’ll let buyer do this)

Double Duck Satinedge, 5/8: $150

-Excellent condition. Pivot looks rusty in photo—no rust, just the color of the pivot washers.

ERN Crown & Sword, 5/8: $150

-Excellent condition, outstanding gold wash.

Kikuboshi ‘High Class Razor’, 6/8: $150

-Excellent condition; writing on blade face in outstanding condition.

Dorko, 5/8: $200

-Excellent condition, gold wash in outstanding condition. Comes with Dorko plastic sleeve (not in photo).
Red Filarmonica


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Double Duck Special No.1


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Double Duck Satinedge


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ERN Crown & Sword


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One-time price adjustment on remaining razors. Reminder, all prices include shipping, tracking & insurance in U.S. Thanks for looking!

Coral, 6/8 with case: $100

Double Duck Special No. 1, 5/8: $100

Puma, 6/8 with case: $150

Double Duck Satinedge, 5/8: $100

ERN Crown & Sword, 5/8: $100

Dorko, 5/8: $150
Can't confirm either case. I haven't honed it, nor shaved with it. I bought it NOS, but can't confirm it is as it was when it left the factory.
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