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Sesto-senso (sixth sense)

Haven't ordered there before, however I would check and see if Charles might have what you are interested in. Looking at their prices they seem a bit high. Your other option is a Vulfix at Classicshaving.com

Savile Row Super Badger Shaving Brush 22-3 $129.95

Vulfix #377 from Ray at Classicshaving.com $89.99 for basically the same brush.

I believe the Savile Row's are usually a bit less than the comparable Vulfix.

You can get a couple tubs of Taylors with the money saved...just a thought.
I've ordered from Sesto-Senso,
No complaints whatsoever. A long while back I got my Salter mint from them, when nobody else carried it. Fast shippers, no problems at all.
John P.
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