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September is SABREtember! - Shavettes & Barber Razors (1st-30th Sept 23)

Warning: The following has nothing to do with shaving or shavettes.

Is your avatar change a commentary on the rugby? I haven't watched any Wales games but aren't you doing quite well - you beat Fiji, which is more than England and Australia have managed in the past couple of months! Come to think of it...you beat us too...although that's not saying much at the moment. Still, you should make it out of your pool. I can't see you losing to both Australia and Georgia. Given where you were a few months ago with the WRFU salary problems and how low the morale must have been, I think it's a real revival!
Not this time and I am actually from N Ireland....so my loyalties lie with Ireland! Yesterday the welsh Government changed the law and the default speed limit in built up areas/street lights is now 20 mph. It has been suggested that the Welsh flag lose the dragon to be replaced with a snail
Not this time and I am actually from N Ireland....so my loyalties lie with Ireland! Yesterday the welsh Government changed the law and the default speed limit in built up areas/street lights and it is now 20 mph. It has been suggested that the Welsh flag lose the dragon to be replaced with a snail

Ah...yes, the thing about speed limits had registered with me but I hadn't paid it that much attention. Anyway, not a reference to the sluggish (snailish?) Welsh offense!

I think we are all hoping Ireland can go a long way, but you are going to have some tough matches to do it. South Africa next weekend, Scotland won't go down without a fight, and then you are going to come up against either NZ or France in the quarters. Ouch.
Do you have a link to the website / store?

Found a / the store, $2,07 US when i order from netherlands.
Looks like a Dovo insert, my best guess hald DE blades
Yes, if you want the link I can try and find them, again. There are so many things here in Southeast Asia that come from China or other places.
I'm baaaaack...


I found d $10 straight razor at my favorite antique store, cleaned it up a bit and honed it, and gave it a spin on my cheeks on my first WTG pass. Very nice, but this is SABERtember so...

Feather SS
Feather ProGuard
Yaqi badger
Avon Spicy

Fantastic 3-pass, DFS+ shave that would not have been possible with the SR for many reasons (primarily my lack of skills 😄).
That's the one. I bought a couple of cheap non-Parker push types, with the squared off toes, just to see what they were like. Both had problems with the fit of the insert into the handle, which caused the blade to emerge at a funny angle. It is still possible to shave with them, but less than ideal. Check your Focus to see if it has a similar issue, as it could well be a rebranded generic cheapie like the ones I purchased - the give away is those scales that come to a point above the pivot, rather than being rounded off - e.g. Focus Folding Razor > Cut Throat & Folding Razors > Razors & Razor Blades > Hair Tools > CoolBlades - https://www.coolblades.co.uk/razors-razor-blades/cut-throat-folding-razors/focus-folding-razor.html

The Parker has no such problems and is quite a forgiving razor.

I'll make some comparison shots of my two Focus razors, the one with the plastic insert and the one with the metal insert, before my next shave. I went back to Rasage classique to study the Parker shavette you recommend once more and came up with the following item as well: their push-style shavette with three different metal inserts so as to vary blade exposure, low, medium, or high! Makes me wonder what the default push style is set to (I'm thinking "low" or "medium" from the descriptions, with the most aggressive setting being used for cutting hair).

Parker - Shavette réglable en acier inoxydable - https://www.rasage-classique.com/10840-shavette-reglable-en-acier-inoxydable-parker-8906161770832.html?queryID=0d64dd2777abc0e22d2792ec911fd400&objectID=PS-10840
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Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Razor= Type 77
Blade= half Rhino #3
Brush= Yaqi Dark Emerald
Soap= Tabac
Aftershave= Superdrug Forest Fresh


Nice shave tonight. I think with the Rhino blades it will be 3 and done, the same as my DE blades. I'm glad I went with the Tabac this evening, man I forgot just how slick this soap is. I've had it for 2 years I think, so it just has a soapy scent now. Tonight's shave was very enjoyable plenty of skin stretching and keeping a close eye on my angles. The result was a CCS not as close as some of my earlier shaves but if I can get a shave with no irritation or wheepers I'm gonna call it a success.

I've still so much to learn. I know my technique is nowhere near what it could be. But that's just going to take time and patience.
Monday 18th September

Yaqi Metal 2BB - Stirling Haverford - Gold Dollar Type 77 Barber Razor/Type 77 Slim - Pashana Original AS

I found these blades in my blade box. They must have been included with one of my razor purchases and everything is in Chinese. They actually gave a very good shave. I gave this razor a run out today as the Insert fits the Böker Barbarette and will allow me to use the Type 77 blades.
These Jin-Shi (?) blades are very good. I no longer find them on Ali. But now have emerged Rhinoceros blades. Maybe there is been name change ?
Very excellent shave today with the AC kami. 48 hours of growth mown down - so satisfying. It wasn't the closest shave, but it doesn't need to be. Just DFS and comfortable.

The re-glued handle remains firm. That was shave number 3 for this blade and, based on the HHT, no further edge deterioration has occurred. I am using the same stuff a lot at the moment as I am testing the AC blade longevity and also trying to get through this tube of Proraso, but it seems to magically replenish itself overnight!

Prep: Bar soap & hot water
Razor: Parker SRX/Qshave Adjustable
Blade: Derby Extra (in both razors)
Soap: Proraso Red
Post shave: Alum block
AS: Blue Stratos

Still plugging away with the Parker Shavette and thoroughly enjoying it. I'm changing the blades once a week, I think I might need to change them more frequently because tonight's shave with a fresh blade was so much more comfortable than the last.

i still can't shave with my left hand which is kind of hamstringing me a little.

9/10, just a little rough under my chin.
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