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SEptember celebration

To celebrate SEptember this year I am going to try and get as many members to "Tame the Beast" in its second week (Sep. 6th-12th)
To tame the beast I would like to try and get as many members to use the Open Comb Micromatic during that week.

On Sunday (Aug 16th) I'll post a PIF thread in the General Shaving discussion forum for one week. I'll have 3 OCMM's to PIF. If you want to get an extra chance to win one of my OCMM's post an I'm in on this this thread, in this way I'll give preference to SE users.

If you already have an OCMM I encourage you to use your razor during the second week of SEtember.

I would also like to encourage other SE shavers to PIF SE razors to the general shaving forum and get more of B&B members involved in SEtember.

I will also PIF a GEM Clug Pruf to a non-SE-using B&B member to participate in the SEtember Celebration.

I hope more SE shavers will do the same or at least participate in SEtember and Taming the Beast week.
Sounds good, I am in.

The GEM MMOC was my first SE, although I just spent a week with my GEM Jr.

SEptember 6th to the 12th it is then.
I have a lot more aggressive SEs than the OCMM...The OCMM gets its reputation from being not so user friendly and it can indeed turn into an ugly Monster without the correct shaving technique....The OCMM is a actually a very well behaved SE in the right hands....:w00t:

A beast in the wrong hands....:001_cool:

I'm going to take my name out of the PIF....because I have an OCMM!!! Got it a few weeks ago and I've been saving it for SEptember. It has such a classic look and the shine is pristine. I'll make a note on my calendar and see if I can tame the beast.
I'm in. I definitely want to try to tame the beast. My 2 favorite razors are my ER 1912 and my Fatboy set on 9. So an OCMM sounds awesome to me.:thumbup:

Thank you for your generosity.
I have a bunch of SEs but haven't used them in a long time. Can someone please post a photo of this "Beast" razor so I can check if I have one?
Thank you. Not sure I have that colour, but I'll check when I'm home this weekend.
I'd like to take part though. I like the SEs and this SEptember finishes on my 41st birthday . Seems like a sign to me!
Not in for the PIF as I already have one but I will definitely participate in the "Tame the Beast" week in SEptember.:thumbup1:
I'm preparing my SEs! I'm also in the market got new SE razors, would appreciate comments that share your daily drivers for SEptember. Thanks!


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I prepared my 1912 for tomorrow morning. I have my OCMM or MMOC prepared after that. I will then move to the G-Bar and possibly finish with either the Contour (Feather blade) and/or Featherweight!
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