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September 9 Shop Drop


Heads-up for a Paladin Shop-drop this afternoon. Cody (who manages the shop and all other aspects of the website) is on the road and off-the-grid. I'll be on the road very soon and out-of-pocket for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. So emails and messages probably won't get answered until Monday.
Thank you Sir. I hadn't seen trhe announcement but have been checking sporadically and just spotted the drop on site. Got another coming to Mi Casa
BOOM! I've been hoping to land a Harlequin via BST or raffle, but today I broke down and locked a brand new one in from Paladin. PK-47, CLSD. I just hope USPS doesn't lose it like they did the last brush I bought on a BST. palpk.jpg
I almost grabbed the Jade Moe too. Congrats
It was between the Jade Moe and Jade Lotus for me and the Moe won as they always sell out fast. I was late to the party this time and I was lucky to get one of the new brushes.

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