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September 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in!


Tabactober's coming, but Tabac Tuesday is already here. 😉
Tallow Tabac Tuesday


Hey Guys
No shave yesterday. I was busy and at the end of the day chose to defer.
HOWEVER, today is a new day and it is always fun to shave a two day growth.
The Jagger 89 is a relatively mild razor but it provided a very efficient 2 pass shave.

Tomorrow I am starting a 3 day run of using neglected items and ENJOY/APPRECIATE using them.
Please take care of yourself and each other.
Still in, coming to the down stretch. Only 4 days left. Keep on keeping strong.

Shave Date 9/26/23
GRUME September: 26/30
Yates 'Merica
Blade: Tatra(4)
Pre-Shave: Razor Emporium Pre-shave soap
Soap: Proraso Aloe and Vitamin E Cream
Brush: Razor Emporium Best Badger Amber acrylic.
Post-shave: Alum Block, Thayers, PAA Mysterium Serum, Clubman Pinaud.
Bowl: Douglas Smith Pottery Suribachi Shaving Bowl
Rating: 9.4/10 BBS Cheeks and DFS on the neck. 0 weepers.

Notes: here.

Another fantastic shave today. I'm going to go ahead and use the Tatra till 5 shaves and then bin it. I'm going to do that to clear out some blades to make room for more. Not that making room ever mattered before I joined this GRUME. Haha. It was a great shave, better than the first time I used this combo. I am working on my riding the cap for ATG strokes. Wet shaving is a wonderful learning experience. I also reacquainted myself with the Proraso cream this morning, great lather and smooth shave. All is grand in the land.

I wish everyone a blessed Tuesday, may all your shaves be BBS, nick, and weeper free.

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I am interested in spending the next three days using shaving items that have not been used in a long time. I have a fun and nostalgic selection for tomorrow.
I encourage other GRUME-ers to dig around in closets and drawers and find shaving items that have gone unused and neglected and bring them out for the next three days.
I understand many people participate in daily, weekly and monthly routines but it could be fun if some of us re-visit and enjoy items that have been out of sight and out of mind for a long time.
Anyone else want to join in?
Shave #15
- Still In -

  • Grooming Dept's Spa Pre-Shave
  • Grooming Dept’s Lavender - SOTM
  • SOC Boar
  • Ralf Aust - 6/8
  • Kiehl's Blue Astringent
  • Stirling's Glacial Deep Blue Sea Splash


Yesterday was shaping to be a great shave, had my technique been solid. My mind was wavering and I found it hard to remain focused - as going into the morning, this (knowingly) would be the least challenging bit of my day. Our family had a funeral to attend.

I will share high level below the picture of my shave kit - it is of a highly sensitive and heavy topic

The shave left a lot to be desired and a key takeaway from this one (now) would be to fall back on the DE if I can’t retain full awareness.

As a parent of teen girls I have been constantly presented with a number of new challenges and opportunities to communicate and provide guidance while taking in and engaging my emotions and sensitivities.

The past few weeks have been the most difficult and challenging experience in this regard - helping my oldest child cope with the untimely loss of a very very good friend. A loss so tragic and devastating that some three weeks later, while we have some understanding, still cannot wrap our heads around what and how this could have happened - but depression is a ditch too deep for some.

If I may:
Please love your family and friends ferociously and without reservation

Be considerate and kind to strangers

Smile more - The impact this may have on someone’s day is so underrated; expressed first hand from her father.

Sorry to be such a downer - I promise I’ll share soon what impact this kind, gentle, and compassionate girl had over both of my daughters and to her community.

RIP Alex and thank you for all you’ve done for my family.
When I got married (the second time, the right time), Take Five was my chosen walk-in song as I made my way up the aisle. It always makes me smile. I hope it can do the same for you in this tough time. :)
Gentlemen, I am OUT, big time. Though I partially paid for it by selling (several) other razors, though it is my birthday in a few weeks, though I feared it would be sold out by October 1st, I bought a Blackland Osprey yesterday!

Personally, I still feel as though I've won something, in that I did restrain for 21 days, but I did fail to the tune of $400.00 on the 22nd. See you in November, GRUME!
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry :lol:

Gentlemen I'm out - Shavemac did an early autumn sale (-20%) that still runs until Oct. 8th.
So I already ordered my Christmas present today, a 24mm Finest Fan.

Will stick around until the end of September and then properly join in October again.
Sorry to see you guys go. FOMO is real...and deadly! As usual, we would love to see pics of what knocked you out, and I really hope to see you each in October.

And that means it's time for a...

Roll Call!

1) @FoolishMortal - (seemingly) Forever, SOTMC
2) @Remy
3) @Jayson74
4) @midwestshaver71
5) @Doti B
6) @Pyrate
7) @iver
8) @Guido75
9) @LJBraaten - GRUYERE
10) @silverlifter
11) @Balin - SOTMC
12) @Calyshaver - Slantember
13) @Buttercup
14) @awk_m4
15) @Chef455
16) frogman1821 - out (9/2: into the Asylum) - 29/30
17) @Markdad2
18) @den fly
19) @FL shaver
20) Multum in parvo - out (9/25: Shavemac 24mmFF)
21) @JAHE
22) @elmo_koffman
23) @Beto Salatini
24) @Trollky
25) @BobbyB
26) @cryhavoc - GRUYERE
27) @JWCowboy
28) lasta - out (9/7: Razor)
29) @La Malice - GRUYERE, SOTMC
30) @ChriWilson, SOTMC
31) @hopper_64 - Slantember, SEptember
32) @cajunrph
33) @The Blackadder
34) @BlacklistedPoet - SABER, SEptember
35) @tjsgarden - GRUYERE
36) @Phoenixkh
37) @sarir97
38) @Gaspare
39) @sandorfi - GRUYERE, SOTMC
40) @Roedeer
41) Snowman94 - out (9/23: Osprey)
42) @Ribitski23
43) @Cackalacky Claude
44) Jack Goossen - out (9/18: Broken Bakelite)
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