September 2019 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Discussion in 'Clubs and Brotherhoods' started by FoolishMortal, Aug 28, 2019.

    #19 Still in and going strong.

    Last month I purchased a few Semogues, bringing my total up to 4, and with that I am making the month predominantly Semogue-tember.

    Today's shave:

    Razor: Muhle R89 w/ Weber Bulldog Handle
    Brush: Semogue 1305
    Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (2)
    Soap: Stirling Barbershop
    Post: Thayers Original Witch Hazel
    AS: Floid Vigoroso
  1. 10 Sep 19
    Karve brass SB
    Blade: Nacet (3)
    Brush: 22mm RR faux horn Plissoft Disruptor
    Pre-Shave: Shower and Clearasil face wash
    Lather: Proraso Blue shaving cream – face lather
    Aftershave: Element Botanicals Man up tonic / Bodyshop Arber AS balm
    Additional Care: Thayer’s WH
  2. That Reuzel is great stuff, innit? Mostly for the scent.[/QUOTE]

    It is good stuff, not overpowering. Too bad about the GRUME! There's always next month....
  3. Still in
  4. Still in!

    Face only

    Gillette Fatboy setting 4
    Astra SP x1
    Thater Premium White Boar
    D.R. Harris Lavender soap
    Thayers WH Unscented
    Nivea Sensitive Skin Balm
    Revisiting D.R. Harris Lavender, Gillette Fatboy setting 4 and Thater Premium White Boar brush.
    Gillette Fatboy on setting 4 gave a super smooth shave. 3 pass and pickup. I'll move up to 5 next time.
    Thater Premium White Boar brush..... well... still a love/hate relationship. Love the way it feels but had to go back to the puck for more product. I loaded extra heavy knowing this brush.
    D.R. Harris Lavender.... love the scent. Slickness is OK but not a top 5 but still good.

    Overall I'm happy with this shave. No nicks, redness or irritation. I'll up the Fatboy to 5 next time to save passes. Thater is still a love/hate brush. Still prefer my Simpson Chubby 2s in badger and Synthetic. I'll continue to use it but it will be my only Boar brush.

    Rating... 8/10. Would be a 9/10 minus the brush.

    Have great shaves!
  5. SOTD

    PRE: Hot Water
    BRUSH: APshvCo SynBad, Elegant Emerald (24mm)
    SOAP: Dragonsbeard (Oleo & ETHOS collab)
    RAZOR: Mühle R41, Personna Med Prep
    POST: L'Occitane Eau des Baux EDT

    SOTD 2019-09-10D.jpg
  6. Still in and going strong

    Razor: GEM 1912
    Blade: GEM PTFE (8)
    Soap: Speick stick
    Brush: Yaqi Violet 24mm 2 Band Fan Badger
    Aftershave: Aqua Velva Ice Blue
  7. #5 still in. Running out of witch hazel because I didn't check everything in the den before starting the restraint.
  8. FoolishMortal

    FoolishMortal Contributor

    If you need more, get what you need. :a26:
  9. Still here, of course.
    Tried the green Proraso soap again, but this time I brought the Omega 10065 boar brush out to play and also soaked the soap in water while I showered. Got a much, much better lather this way and I noticed the brush is finally breaking in, so I'm happy about that. Guess Proraso isn't quite as soft as I thought. Used the Slim and the Wilkinson Sword Classic blade (4) and it glided like skates on ice. Might only get one more shave out of the blade though, had a little extra buffing to do today. I don't normally expect more than five from a blade without platinum edges.
    Still had the AV Ice Sport out on the counter so I used it again. Good stuff.
  10. I have to declare myself out. During the restock day I saw the RR GC .84 OC and the Jaws in an EU vendor and I couldn't resist myself and bought them both. They came in today and I felt that this is not in the spirit of the GRUME. See you all next month!

  11. 11 Sep 19
    Razor: Karve brass SB
    Blade: Nacet (4)
    Brush: 24mm Dscosmetic Galaxy 2 band silvertip
    Pre-Shave: Shower and Clearasil face wash
    Lather: Stirling Glacial Spearmint soap – face lather
    Aftershave: Osage Rub / Lucky Tiger menthol cream
    Additional Care: Thayer’s WH
  12. EBA432D4-21D6-413D-B1FD-6ED279CBC961.jpeg #27 still in

    Today’s shave includes one samee sample

    Santa Maria Novella Shave soap/cream/croap. Smells like tobacco and eucalyptus. It makes a nice slick and cushiony lather. Is it worth $70USD/tub? I’m not sure it’s that good. Very good post shave too.

    Also used

    Stirling 24mm 2 band fan badger
    Challenge cutlery straight/cutthroat (freshly honed and dangerous)
    Osma alum
    Lucido AS
    Santa Maria Novella Melograno (pomegranate) cologne.
  13. Seems I’m missing notifications on new posts in here somehow. Will need to look into this..

    Oh. I’m still in
  14. SOTD
    Head only

    Gillette Fatboy setting 4
    Astra SP x2
    Thater Premium White Boar
    Panama 1924 soap
    Thayers Unscented WH
    A&E Warrior of Howling Fjord AS Balm
    Last shave was the face. Kept same equipment. Different AS Balm. Great head shave. 2 pass and pickup. The Club Brand/A&E scent is wonderful. Took a little more time because I I was on/off the proper angle for the Fatboy. Thater Boar still needed to go back to the puck but learning its idiosyncrasies. It ain't a Badger. Still rewarded with a great shave. The Panama 1924 is a top 3. No nicks, redness or irritation. BBS+. I'm happy. P.S... picture is post cleanup.

    Have great shaves!
  15. FoolishMortal

    FoolishMortal Contributor

    Well, it's a bummer to have you bow out, but I support your honesty in making the decision. This is exactly how the "gentlemanly discretion" portion of the GRUME is supposed to go.

    Now that we're 1/3 of the way through the month, we're starting to see some movement in the list. Let's hope this isn't the start of an avalanche!

    1) @FoolishMortal
    2) @Schnitzel52
    3) @bobmsp
    4) Sotiris_A - out
    5) @nelsonic21
    6) @Wtd1911
    7) @Ruva
    8) @tim33z
    9) Flintstone65 - out
    10) @Stuart Ganis
    11) @HighSpeedSpoon
    12) @BigD
    13) @RTM
    14) @Baconator
    15) @cyclingsteveb
    16) @Heron
    17) RumpleBearskin - out
    18) @pdieten
    19) @The_SwampFox
    20) @John Rose
    21) @cryhavoc
    22) @bjm
    23) @avmech
    24) @MTG Jr
    25) @Billy T.
    26) @pbrmhl
    27) @BrooklynSalt
    28) @Cino
  16. I'm out. I've never been able to resist buying stuff when I have a PayPal balance. I bought my first scuttle.
  17. Oh, and by the way, here's what I went out on last month. I really think these monthly restraints are counterproductive. I've not bought stuff many months. But saying that I won't makes me want to.
  18. SOTD
    Razor: EJ DE89 Lined
    Blade: Personna Platinum (2)
    Brush: Semogue 830
    Pre/Post: Proraso Green Pre-shave cream
    Soap: Proraso Green
    Aftershave: Fine Italian Citrus

  19. 12 Sep 19
    Razor: Razorock GC .84
    Blade: Rapira platinum lux (0)
    Brush: 26mm Yaqi Rainbow brown synthetic
    Pre-Shave: Shower and Clearasil face wash
    Lather: Saponificio Varesino – Dolomiti – face lather
    Aftershave: Oleo Soapworks Humanitas AS / Oleo Jacmel Vetiveria AS Balm
    Additional Care: Thayer’s WH

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