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Sent my Gillette NEW long comb DE for replating- In BLACK nickel

Hey All,

I have the luxury of working next door to a place that specializes is deplating and playing all different metals in all different finishes.

I just handed over my Gillette NEW Long Comb for them to re-plate in Black Nickel.

I can't wait to get it back!!

Here are the original pics - I'll update when they are finished.



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Is black nickel the same as, or similar to black chrome?

I have a Parker 22R, with the black chrome finish, and it really looks cool! It was my first DE, a gift from my wife on Father's Day last year. Your NEW LC is going to look beautiful if it's anything similar!!

Did they say how long it would take for them to get it back to you?
At first I was gonna have them powder coat it, but I wanted the most uniform finish, so I told him to skip that.

It will have shine to it.

He's doing it for free, so I told him no rush. Even though he could probably do it in a day, side it's a favor, I'm fine with it taking a couple of weeks.
Looks great. One of my favorite razors. I was looking at my watched thread list yesterday and wondered if you had this back yet. I must have ESPN!
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