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Semogue's My precious :S

Hello, This is my first post on the B&B forums.

I love the community here, I thought it would be a good idea to look for some advice even though ive looked through soooo many posts regarding my topic.

I found out that Semogue's make some of the best boar brush's for the price. I was set on choosing the 1305 but now after researching alot more i like the 620 andddddddd... now i want the 2000.

EDIT: I like the Semogue Owners club looks pretty good would that be a better choice (Boar)

So this is going to be the first time i am buying a shaving brush and other shaving equipment which i am already set on.

My question now is whether the 620 or the 2000 orrr the SOC ( please don't say all or else i will cry) :crying:

topic is open for discussion if you have other models you can recommend i will also look into them.

( Of any brand, etc...)

Budget constraints limit me from purchasing a more expensive brush so the SOC model is as high as i can go and gladly pay for. (if there weren't any budget constraints i would of already purchased all of the above) :w00t:
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I have the 620, 830 and 1305 plus 20 + other brushes.
the 1305 is my go to and the only one I can't do w/o.
I've used a 1305, 2000, and SOC. All three are great brushes, but of the three, the 1305 is the smallest of the bunch. I wound up giving that one away to a friend who tells me that he loves it. The 2000 and the SOC are both in my rotation of four brushes. I look forward to using them every time they come up!

Were I you, I might consider the 2000 first since it's the more economical of the two. If you like that, then consider the SOC for a later purchase.
Could do with buying the 2000 and then going for the SOC the 10 difference really is nothing to me i just would prefer to not pay more than that. And my mum will kill me if i bought another shaving brush especially after she finds out i paid 30 dollars for one which she would argue her 3 dollar product would do the same thing. ( In short id prefer to have one really good and very unlikely i will change anytime soon regardless)
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I've never had the opportunity to try the 1305 or the 2000 but I have both the 620 and the SOC. The 620 is one of my favorites. The SOC is great, but too big for my personal taste.
As we say, thought, YMMV!


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If you want a short, scrubby face lathering brush, go with the 620. On the other hand, if you want big, bushy bowl lathering brush, go 2000 or SOC. If you want an all-rounder, go 1305. Or 1800. I have the 1800 and love it. But all Semogues are great.
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