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Semogue Saturdays!

Used my SOC Mistura today.
I'll just add that if you're a Semogue fan then Tatara (also from Portugal) have some lovely machined stainless steel handled brushes with Semogue knots of 24mmx50mm - both boar & badger available.

I use my TataraxSemogue Badger brush every day at home ;-)



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Semogue Saturdays!

My friends always ask me what my desert island razor is. I tell them if I was alone in an island I would never shave. However, I would certainly listen to some music and it would probably be from the Johnny Hartman album Songs From The Heart.

Well, since I’m not on a desert island, I had a dawn fine shave, this morning. FOCS, Astra SP, SOC, TOBS and Floïd were phenomenal!

Have a nice weekend and wonderful shaves!


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It Was An Excellent Shave.
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Also, Semogue Saturdays!


RazoRock Hawk
Feather AC Pro (11)
TOBS Grapefruit
Semogue SOC

Hey Guys
We're going to get our 94 years young mom today. She is a football fan and wants to watch the Super Bowl with us.

I have been using the Feather DX straight razor for 10+ days. I love it!
I decided to change things up a bit. Today I used the RR Hawk-the only other razor I have that uses Artist Club single edge blades. As I said above, it was an excellent shave-mostly BBS. On the first pass there was some auditory feedback but the blade was cutting effectively. I hydrated the lather more for the second pass and with a few touchups ended with a BBS/DFS++ with no irritation. It has been a while since I used a razor perpendicular to my hand but the technique kicked in and I enjoyed the entire process. After an hour soak, the Semogue SOC is finally broken in enough to earn the highest tier status.

Tomorrow is Synthetic Sundays.
Please take care of yourself and each other.
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Semogue Saturdays

Hello friends!

Today we celebrate the first day of Carnival, this Roman festivity that Brazilians mixed with Portuguese, African and indigenous culture and created this wonderful melting pot that exists around here.

For this day, I chose for shaving a German razor, a Japanese blade, a Portuguese brush, a Turkish soap, a Brazilian alum block and an American AS. I participated in this trip along with my great friends Ben and Coleman.

Have a happy day and great shave!
❤️ 🪒


Still In GRUME, GRUYERE, 365 Shaves, Fruity February & OBIF
Semogue Saturdays!


RR Hawk
Feather DX (not in photo)
Feather AC Pro (#6 & #18)
Semogue SOC
B&M Nordost Orange

Good Day Gents
The first pass was with the Hawk and blade #6. I didn't plan on using the DX and was honestly thinking about putting blade #18 in retirement. On impulse, I picked up the DX and it was a revelation. The B&M soap was so slick, blade #18 glided across my skin as if I was using a new blade. The B&M hype is true. It is an excellent soap. A DFS+ was the results.
Tomorrow is Synthetic Sunday!

Please take care of yourself...and each other.
Semogue Saturdays!
Still In GRUME, GRUYERE, 365 Shaves, Fruity February & OBIF


RR Hawk and Feather AC (25), Semogue 830 & Cello Crema Da Barba

The ending first - what an enjoyable experience to splash lots of cold water after an excellent shave and apply a combination of soothing moisturizers to start the day!
The Cella soap is top tier in my opinion and brings up the imagery of eating chocolate covered cherries. The blade is still doing good - my skills and technique must have improved during the month because I am still getting DFS+ results without irritation.
Tomorrow is Synthetic Sundays!!!

Please take care of yourself...and each other.
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