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Semogue 830...loving it!

Just loving my new Semogue 830 brush. It's soft, yet eats MWF with ease. The acrylic handle is beautiful and feels good in the hand. Not a single hair lost yet. All my other brushes are badger (Simpson Classic 1 and a Parker Silvertip that's quite floppy), but I am using this boar exclusively now. It's a great value!
I have Semogue 1305, 620, Owners Club, as well as a 830. I love them all. I would put the 830 right in the middle as far as backbone goes with the 620 having the most and the 1305 having the least. The 830 works great for everything from hard soaps to soft creams. If I could only keep one of my Semogues it would be the 830, or maybe the SOC. That would be a tough choice!
My only boar is an 830 that I received from another member who received it from another member. It is quite broken in and soft but I still want a SOC...
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